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Finals Week Woes

Finals week tends to be the most stressful week of any college student's life--and it happens twice a year! That's 2 weeks of sleepless nights, binge-eating, and the consumption of enormous amounts of caffeine. It's incredibly easy to get really down on yourself during finals week (appropriately dubbed the Week of Hell or WoH). But, where there's misery, there is always a cure.

1. Have a dance party

Spending every waking moment dedicated to studying and maybe a little to eating or going to the bathroom almost seems necessary at times, but if you take even ten minutes out of your routine to just let loose, you will feel infinitely better. Put on your boy band iTunes radio station or some 90's hip-hop and just dance it out for however long you need. It'll get your muscles loosened and will take your mind off of your exams for those few minutes.

2. Get some takeout. 

I don't know about you, but during finals week I definitely plan on spending one night with my face into a carton of chicken fried rice. My go-to takeout in the city is Chinese food because then you have leftovers for days!

3. Watch your all time favorite movie. 

Don't scour Netflix for a mind-boggling thriller or an Indie film that requires a lot of deciphering. Stick to the basics and choose your favorite movie that won't fry your brain while you try to pick apart every new scene. Personally, I'll be reaching for something like 13 Going on 30 or School of Rock to cheer me up and keep me from drowning in the woes of finals week.

4. Look up pictures of cute animals. 

Instead of doing my assignments in my technology classes in high school, I would spend my class Googling pictures of various animals. A symphony of "awwwws" would come from my corner of the room because I could not contain myself. Some good ones to look up are: baby pigs, animals in hats, alpacas, husky puppies, and bunnies. This is guaranteed to brighten your mood.

5. Paint your nails 

By now, everyone should know it's (practically) scientifically proven that a fresh manicure can cure any bout of sadness. A fresh coat of a bubblegum pink polish or pastel blue can brighten your day instantly.

6. FaceTime with a friend or family member. 

Sometimes a familiar face is all you need to put a little pep in your step, or in this case, a little pep into your studying. Even a five minute FaceTime or phone conversation can motivate you to get through the WoH.

7. Take a bubble bath. 

You could even sit in a tub of hot water if you don't have bubble bath. I find it incredibly relaxing to just sit in a warm tub for even ten minutes with some mellow music playing in the background. It calms my nerves and levels out my emotions. And trust me--emotions run high during finals week.

Sometimes the simplest of things can cheer you up. It might only take a smile from someone you see on campus or getting a question right during your review. The key is to not let finals week get to you! If you let it control your emotions, then you are letting it win. Always remember that you are smart enough to get through these exams and that even if the outcome isn't the number or letter grade that you wanted, it doesn't define who you are as a person.

What's your favorite way to get through finals week? I will admit to consuming exponentially more coffee and ice cream during those seven days...


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