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Dorm Wish List

There's just something about shopping for my dorm that gives me this indescribable happiness. All of the brightly colored comforters and cozy duvets and the hundreds upon thousands of possible prints I could plaster on my walls…it's all so overwhelming. Since my first year is winding down, I've already started looking for new pieces for my dorm next year. I want to tweak my aesthetic come fall, adjusting to the new things that I've learned about dorm life and what is necessary and what is not. I figured I'd share a few of the prints and decor items that I currently have bookmarked.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Duvet Cover (First Impressions print)

My duvet cover this year is cute (white with ruching), but is a complete pain in my butt when it comes to sleeping and making my bed. I'm the type of person who sleeps on top of my comforter (I really have no idea why), so sleeping on top of mine messes up the ruching that runs on each side. I have to make my bed every time I even sit on it. Other than the fact that the First Impressions print is one of my favorites, this duvet cover is ruche free and it 100% adorable.

2. The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw's Closet print

I can't even pretend that I watch Sex and the City, aside from one episode I accidentally watched that scarred me for life (I was quite young at the time and…if you've seen the show, I think you could see why I was traumatized). However, I do read up on my Carrie Bradshaw quotes and have learned that she is quite the fashionista. I first saw this print on The College Prepster's blog and decided that I needed this for my own room.  How awesome is this print?

3. East Coast Girls print

I scroll through Design Darling's home decor frequently and this adorable print caught my eye the other day. Despite going to school in the Midwest, I was born and raised an east coast girl. I have a map of the Northeast in my room now, and I think it's a nice way of reminding me where home is. Plus, east coast girls are extremely hip. ;)

4. Kate Spade nesting boxes 

I have never seen boxes look so chic, but leave it to Kate Spade to make it happen. These are the perfect way to store miscellaneous items without having chunky acrylic bins littering my general work area.

5. Anthropologie Anzio pillow


I feel like this throw pillow speaks for itself. Look at those colors! That ship! The design around the edges! It is complete and utter perfection made into one throw pillow. I am in love with a pillow and I am not ashamed. I've been in love with worse things (see: that short period of time in which I was obsessed with the song "Beauty and the Beat" by the Biebs).

What dorm decor are you pining after?


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