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My Life Revolves Around TV

I am a television fiend. During the beginning and for the majority of my Spring semester, my schedule revolved around what television shows were on that night. I had 2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and if I decided to watch Fashion Police on Friday, I would. And that's just shows that are in season, not including the shows I binge watch on Netflix.

In a blog I talked about how I couldn't watch movies that often because my attention span doesn't last for that long and I need some breaks. This is why I love television. They're 21 or 44 minute episodes that connect to each other, but you aren't forced to watch them in lineage. Unless of course you are a procrastinating college student. Binge-watching television online is a right of passage for us.

In my life, I've watched TV shows come and go. I've watched entire series, sometimes more than once. I've watched most of a series (see: The O.C., seasons 1 to 3) and I've seen two episodes of shows and gave up hope. Here are 5 shows that I never gave up on and may or may not have binge-watched once or twice.

  1. Gilmore Girls. This show is my favorite show of all time, without a doubt. I love Lorelai and Rory and the whole crazy town. Also, Luke and Lorelai is my one and only OTP (besides Joe Jonas/Harry Styles and me)
  2. The Office. This show comes in a close second to Gilmore Girls because of one thing: Jim Halpert. My God, I love this fictional character more than anything in this world with the exception of my real life OTP. In all seriousness, this show is hilarious and brilliant, despite the existence of season 7 and 8. 
  3. Modern Family. This shouldn't surprise anyone. If you don't watch this show, do it. If you do watch this show, keep watching this show.
  4. Parks and Recreation. I started binge-watching this my senior year after my friend (AKA a total movie and television aficionado) told me that it was her favorite show at the time. I caved and started watching the first season on Netflix and somehow I ended up catching up in the matter of a few weeks. It's sick now that I think about it….
  5. The Middle. The Hecks remind me of my family. My dad is like Frankie, my mom is like Mike, my brother is exactly like Axl, and I am a combination of Brick and Sue. It's quite perfect, really.
Honorable mentions: How I Met Your Mother (#WhyAreYouOver?), Friday Night Lights (I only have 2 seasons left!), Teen Wolf, and Parenthood.

What is your favorite television show of all time?


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