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My Dream House

For years upon years, I dreamed of living in my aunt's traditional farmhouse, complete with a white wraparound porch.  I was in love with its ornate details, old touches that seemed timeless to me. I liked the rustic look the house had, despite the renovation being done on the inside. Conflicting this, however, is my love for the look of modern houses. I really like white brick or the stone/siding combination in some developments around my area back home. I'm absolutely torn on what my dream house looks like on the outside, but I have some ideas for the inside.

In last month's InStyle magazine, there was a feature on Carolina Herrara's townhouse in New York. And let me say, that is precisely how I want my house to look. There are so many textures and colors, yet it all works as one cohesive unit. She has pink damask walls in one room with huge gold frames on the walls.

InStyle (photographed by Jason Schmidt)
The rest of the spread was definitely something I could see myself drawing inspiration from. Fun fact, she has a portrait of her husband's father done by none other than Salvador Dalí. Cool, huh? Or, as they'd say in Venezuela, chévere.

On a completely different side of the color spectrum, I also really adore this couch that I saw on Design Darling. A black and white striped couch? Don't mind if I do! I also really like the varied sizes of picture frames in the background with the black rims keeping them somewhat uniform.

Savvy Home did a feature post on designer Ashley Whittaker and I completely understand why. Look at this gorgeous patio around the pool! I've always told myself that I want a pool at my house. I never had one growing up and though I was never much of a swimmer, I was always convinced that if I had had a pool during my adolescence, I would have been!

Right now, my dream house seems like a hodgepodge of different aspects, but truth be told, I don't think I have a true "dream home"! I'm only eighteen and don't even know what my dream apartment looks like on the inside (though I am quite sure of where I'd like to live my junior year, if only I could afford it). My Pinterest boards will definitely show that I don't have one distinct image in my head, but rather many different ones that in no way go together. Oh well! 

What do you see your dream home as? I just hope mine involves Harry Styles, one way or another...


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