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Winter Coat Woes

I don't know where you are from, but where I am from and where I'm currently living, winter hogs up about half of the year. Even when it gets warm, it doesn't last for very long before a cold front comes in and ruins absolutely everything. People are stuck in their winter coats for a good portion of the year, and those who get fed up with the weather and brave the chilling winds usually give up after a few minutes in the blistering cold. There are no real winners in this situation.

If you are a fortunate person who lives in a place where it is generally warm all the time, I am mad at you. No, don't leave. Come back. I was joking! What we have is real! 

In all seriousness, who else is sick and tired of having to wear multiple layers and heavy jackets? And the boots. Dear Lord, I love riding boots with every fiber of my being, but if I have to zip those suckers up multiple times a day for any longer, I might go insane. 

Let's all sign a petition to end winter, effective immediately. Deal or no deal?


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