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My Life in Photos, Vol. 2

I am usually very determined to make my life seem more interesting via social media, especially with Instagram. If I'm out and about, I have the uncontrollable need to snap a picture of something, think of a pointless caption that usually consists of too many relevant emojis, and slap a filter on so people know that I don't just stay in bed all day reading and studying (only for ten hours out of the day, duh).

  1. Waiting to catch a bus after the Parachute concert. The wait ended up being too long so my friend and I braved the 20 block walk back to the dorms. It was easily the worst decision we've ever made. Downtown Cleveland looks nice when it's frozen, though.
  2. It doesn't snow a whole heck of a lot when I'm at school, but when it does, it's miserable. I was severely unamused by the weather this day.
  3. Modern Vampires of the City vinyl celebrating Vampire Weekend's Grammy win.
  4. A typical weekend night: ice cream, a good book, and some tunes. Truth be told, I was only reading Anne Frank's diary to figure out if she was a Belieber or not. It wasn't explicitly said, but I'm thinking that the answer is "no". 
  5. Snapped a shot of my favorite building downtown coming back from the west side after my suite mate got her tattoo.
  6. I went to Chicago and ended up going to the top of the Sears/Willis Tower. And yes, I did totally sit on those glass observation rooms and yes I did nearly pee my pants when I realized how high up I was. 
  7. My ode to Jimmy Fallon (and The Beatles) above my bed. 
  8. I badgered my mom for a waffle maker and she surprised me with one when I came home from Spring Break. Nothing like waffles and Lilly Pulitzer on a Saturday morning.
  9. I went to Niagara Falls, NY and enjoyed the frozen scenery. It was bitterly cold the day I went but so worth it.
  10. My dog, Cash (like Johnny), is really bad at folding laundry.
  11. Catching up on some reading and putting our new smoothie blender to work. Gotta love lazy Saturday mornings
  12. It's never too late for a venti iced coffee. 9 o'clock is my favorite time to catch up on my favorite blogs. The College Prepster will always be one of my favorites. 


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