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NOTD: Set In Stones & Gray Suede

Today I bring a fun edition of N.O.T.D. because I actually have something interesting going on rather than a solid color I threw on before half an hour before I went to bed because I cannot go longer than 24 hours without having nail polish on.

Am I the only person who still does an accent nail sometimes? In all honesty, I tried doing a half moon manicure and failed miserably, so I just painted the whole nail and called it quits. I'm too indecisive with colors to pick just one, and this (old?) trend makes my life much easier.

For all of my nails, I used Gray Suede from Revlon. It's a perfect nude (think Sand Tropez, but a shade darker) with a silver sheen. On my ring fingers, I used Essie's Set In Stones. I bought this to make my prom nails even more sparkly (and to hide the smudge I caused in my mad dash from the salon to my friend's party for the series finale of The Office).

Please pardon my horrible dorm lighting. It has been gloomy lately and my overhead lights do not love me as much as I would like them to. I'm surprised how much I like the color combination of nude/tan and silver. I keep getting asked why I only have one nail painted though...oops!

Do you have any favorite nail polish combinations?


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