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Benefit's Rockateur Boxed Powder

Today I am back in the beauty blogging game! I recently went home and brought back my lovely little camera so I can document my college makeup habits and fashion. On the same trip home, I also stopped by Sephora in hopes of finding the new Benefit boxed powder. When I went to the display, this was the only one left and I figured that it was a sign that I needed it. I went home happy with my new Rockateur blush.

Benefit (very accurately) describes it as, "Our famously provocative cheek powder in rockin' rose gold gives a show-stopping "rush of heat." For an encore, the sexy sculpted design is accented in gold."

Rockateur is a beautiful rose color. Do not be fooled by the frosty finish given off in both the box and the swatch on the skin. When applied to your cheeks it has a natural finish rather than making your face glitter like Edward Cullen in the sun. It looks intimidating and weird until you put it on your face. I have a picture of it applied on my cheeks and you can hardly tell it looked frosty in the box!

It makes your face glow, not sparkle, which I love. This is easily one of my favorite Benefit boxed powders and I can see myself reaching for this a lot during the fall and winter times.

What has been one of your favorite releases from a makeup brand recently?


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