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Life Update #1: Catch up time!

Hi! Long time no talk! I know I took a very long and very abrupt break once school started. I didn't know how to balance a blog, soccer and school work. I figured once soccer ended I'd be okay...and then I realized that I couldn't handle senior year at all, either. I figured I'd take the time to write an update blog to keep you all posted with my life-happenings and what not!

I guess I'll start with I'm a senior now! This was my last year of soccer and we came in first in our league, the first time in our school's history, I believe. That was pretty damn cool in my opinion. I turned 17 on the 21st of November, so now I can see R-rated movies. Not as cool, but still notable.

In October, my family got its first dog! We got a rat terrier when he was only 8 weeks old. His name is Cash and he's precious when he's sleeping. When he's awake, however, he is a rabid little monster who bites everything. He ripped up our carpet and made me bleed. But look at this precious little nugget!

This was on the night when we first got him. He was so little that he couldn't even go up and down the stairs. I now know the meaning of "puppy dog eyes". How cute!

Speaking of new things, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got an iPhone. Say hello to my little friend.

I got my case at Jack Wills on my trip to Boston a few weeks ago. I went to look at some colleges, because I have to do that next year...I actually got the case before I even got the phone, but I knew it was in transit so I jumped at got it. Plus, I knew I wanted something from the store but wasn't willing to pay 40+ dollars for a beanie. Plus, my cashier had a British accent. Speaking of accents, oh my God, Boston accents are awesome! I had never heard one before and as soon as my tour guide at the first college started talking I was geeking out. Needless to say, I want to be there right now.

Since it's now officially December, I can allow myself to listen to holiday music full force. Before, I would only listen on the radio if it was Bruce Springsteen's version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "Last Christmas" (any version) or "All I Want For Christmas Is You. Now I have my nice little playlist of holiday songs. And I think that it is appropriately titled.

My dad started to put up decorations on our house. Or at least I hope this is only the start because right now it looks like a lazy elf put them up or something.

I hope to God that he puts some up on the roof or else I'm going to have to do it myself.

My countdown to Spain is officially in the double digits! It's a little over 70 days at this point. I'm not sure about exact numbers, but it's coming up relatively soon. I'm extremely nervous so if you've traveled to a foreign country across the ocean/live in Spain, HELP! I'm not used to all of this.

I'm going to spend the holiday season waiting for college acceptance letters and drinking a lot of Peppermint Hot Chocolate. What's your favorite part about the winter?

It was nice catching up! I will try my hardest to learn how to manage my time and put up my holiday sets review tomorrow!


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