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Thanksgiving NOTD!

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! I know I've been on this sort of extended leave of absence and that's my fault for having terrible time management! I'll post a blog soon after this one explaining what has been going on in my life. Hint: I got a furry little creature in October!

My birthday was yesterday, so I bought myself a heap of makeup to celebrate  And by heap I mean I spent $120 dollars. Oops. This nail polish was one of my self-gifted presents!

I know, I know.  A Brown nail polish, Francesca? I'm a sucker for ugly/pretty colors. I have this army green color that everyone is afraid to compliment. But hey, whatever.

I think the name is very fitting! The first thing I thought of when I saw this nail polish was "hot chocolate!" I don't particularly recommend drinking this though. You'll probably get a nasty stomachache. 

As for the nail polish, it reflected Essie's typical application, though it was a bit runnier than their other polishes. It was opaque in two  coats. I recommend making sure all of the excess polish off the brush before putting it to your nail because it will pool toward the bottom if you want to rush.

Overall, I love this nail polish and will be wearing it a lot this fall/winter season. It's an interesting twist on the typical skin-toned nude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat and drink your hearts out. :)

Do you have a cool nail design or color for today? Share them in the comments below! Gobble Gobble.


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