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NARS's Blush in 'Sin'

I've been pining after this blush for a very long time! The closest Sephora is the one inside of JcPenny and I swear that they had never carried this color so I took it upon myself to order it online. Of course, the next time I went to said Sephora, they started carrying this color...but I digress..

I love the initial outside packaging of NARS. There's something so classic and fresh about a solid black, opaque package with white lettering.

As you can tell from the photo above, though the packaging is great before you touch it, once you take it out of its box, it collects even the tiniest bit of dirt/dust from your fingerprints or the makeup surrounding it. Other than that small complaint, I have nothing else bad to say about this blush!

When I first started getting curious about this blush, I had just thought that it looks like dirt in the pan. Why would anyone want to make their face look dirty? Then, after doing my fair share of research on this, it started becoming less brown and more berry toned. In the pan, I'd describe it as a deep mauve, leaning more toward a plum. There is a slight golden shimmer, but it's not overwhelming at all.

Nothing beats Sin swatched. On your cheeks, it is a gorgeous toned down berry. It's the perfect color for fall because it's not too bright, but it still manages to give you a lovely flush. I prefer "darker" and more earthy and natural colors for the fall over spring and summer corals.

What is your favorite Nars product? Do you have a favorite fall/winter blush color?


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