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Stila Smudge Pot in 'Kitten'

I love cream eye shadows in pots more than life itself. They are so convinient and are a look in themselves. I'm pretty lazy in the morning when it comes to eyeshadow mostly because it takes me forever to blend and I'm very particular about where I want my crease color. It's all too stressful when I have time restraints in the morning before school. Products like Stila's Smudge/Prime pots, MAC's Paintpots, NYX's Jumbo eyeshadow pencils and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on shadows save my life during the school year.

I remember about a year or two back, the fab four (as I like to call them) Glamourista16, MeghanRosette, SarahBelle93x and GlassSlipperBeauty on youtube absolutely RAVED about this. Much time has passed, but I finally got my stuff together and bought this gem!

Kitten is one of those "famous" shades from Stila. When I think Stila, my first thought is the kitten eyeshadow. The color is absolutely fabulous.

I wouldn't say this is exactly the same as 'Sin' from Urban Decay, but the finishes are very similar. While Sin is a more pink-toned champagne, Kitten leans more toward a golden-peach champage, but lighter. If you added white to MAC's Rubenesque paint pot, I think it would be very similar to this shadow.

When I swatched this originally in the car on the way home (don't try this at home, kids!) I thought it was patchy and was slightly disappointed. When I got home, I immediately put this on my lids and was amazed. It's opaque, but not an overwhelming amount of shine to your lids. The wear time is awesome as well! I wore this and Tarte's blush in Exposed for the same amount of time and this did not budge. I didn't even have a primer on. My eyelids, though normally oily and bothersome, did not act up with this. I was impressed!

I think I'm definitely going to try out more of Stila's smudge/prime pots in the future.

What's your favorite brand of cream eyeshadows? And has anyone ever tried Benefit or Buxom's versions? I've been wondering if I should pick those up on my next trip to Sephora or Ulta.


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