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Tarte's Lip Gloss in 'Blissful'

How I got this product is actually a really funny story. I was at Ulta buying Benefit's boxed powder in Dandelion and the cashier was checking me out. When she went to put it in the bag, she accidentally dropped it on the floor. She apologized about ten times even when I kept assuring her that it was fine and that it wasn't broken at all. Apparently she felt really bad because she gave me a Tarte makeup bag that contained this lipgloss in it! So basically I got a lipgloss from Tarte that retails for over $20...for free!

The packaging is adorable! I love the floral print. The applicator is a collection of synthetic fibers. When you click the bottom of the gloss, the product comes up through a little tube in the center of the applicator. A good two or three clicks gives you enough gloss for your bottom and top lips. 

Mine is in the shade blissful, which also has a blush (and Lip Surgence stain, correct me if I'm wrong) in the same shade.

It's definitely a more coral toned pink than anything else. The shade would probably fall more into the spring and summer categories, but I still find myself layering this over Posietint to give me a little more color. 

I'm not particularly a fan of lip gloss in the first place. In fact, this is the first lip gloss I've ever owned that wasn't from Claire's when I was in elementary school. It feels a little bit sticky and remains that way until you either get used to it or it wears off. It has a minty scent that isn't too overbearing, but it definitely is there.

Because I like the color and effect so much, I can usual bypass the stickiness. But if you are very particular about your lip products, you might want to skip out on this product.


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