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MAC's 'Lightscapade' MSF

This product has a special place in my heart being that it was my first MAC product ever. This mineralized skin finish started the snowball effect for my still forming MAC addiction. My collection of little black packaging is slowly but surely increasing every Macy's trip.

First and foremost, highlighters are by far my favorite makeup product. I love the effect they give the face. If I forget to highlight my face before I leave the house, I get legitimately upset. I feel like my face doesn't look as fresh and natural if I forget this step.

The product itself has a cream colored base with darker swirls of tan, yellows and blues. It looks almost like a pastel planet!

As for the actual color, when the mixture is swirled together it forms a light yellow powder. It is a little chalkier than my other MSF from MAC, but it isn't enough to bother me. When I apply it onto my face, it gives the most natural glow of all of my high-lighters. The wear time isn't awful, but it's not nearly as long as my liquid highlighters from Benefit. But for being a powder, I have no problems with it.

This product, sadly, was limited edition but I picked mine up at a local CCO! If you can get your hands on this and love highlighters, I would definitely recommend it! If you're so-so about them, I would say don't even try looking for it.


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