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Travel Makeup Kit

Hi! So, I've decided to show you guys what I bring on me for small weekend trips in my makeup bag! I've recently gone to Pittsburgh and Lake George on, so it seemed appropriate to show what I've been packing for a short weekend trip! This is quite different than what I would bring on a longer trip that is four or more days (like my upcoming trip to Chicago in August or my trip to Spain in the late winter).

I don't wear much makeup in the summer anyways, but my trip this past weekend was just to a softball tournament and last weekend I was watching baseballs games all weekend. Needless to say, those two don't require much glamming up. Regardless, here is what I pack give or take an eyeshadow or two.

My bag is from the Sonia Kashuk line at Target, though I got it at the beginning of the school year to use as a pencil case so I'm not quite sure if they have them anymore.

Here's a quick sneak-peek of the inside! I've separated the pictures into to separate sections: Face and eye, to make it a bit more simple.

For my face products, I just have my elf tinted moisterizer, a Physician's formula concealer twin (with the redness reducing side and the regular concealer side), a mineral powder from Physician's formula and my bottle of High Beam by Benefit AKA my savior.

For some eye related fun, I have my Maybelline One by One mascara, my elf eyebrow gel, my Rimmel sexy curves mascara, my MAC paintpot in Painterly and my eyelash curler either from Elf or NYC, I forget.

But that's all I usually bring with me for a weekend trip, unless I plan on going out. If you want any reviews on any of these products, let me know! :)


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