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Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink Punch and Cherry Me)

On a recent venture to Target (I make these almost weekly) I picked up two of Maybelline's Baby Lips chapsticks because I've heard only good things and have been going through a recent obsession with tinted lip products. So sue me (actually, I'd prefer that you not).

The swatches are reversed. Pink Punch is swatched on the left and Cherry Me is on the right. Pink Punch is a baby pink that it quite pigmented for what it is. Cherry Me is a very light tint of red. It is visible but not as dramatic as a red lip. It looks like you applied a red lipstick and blotted it quite a bit. I love the smell of them and the do last quite awhile. I wore this for an entire work day (So for around seven to eight hours) and my lips didn't start getting a little dry until my drive home.

I might have to pick up a couple more of these because they're fantastic. I strongly recommend these because of their affordability and the fact that they're available a ton of places like most drugstores, Target and even Ulta.


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