Friday, July 21, 2017

Dream Closet, Vol. 31

This is one of those blog series that I just don't want to let die as I start to make some changes around here. It's mostly because it gives me an excuse to look at all of Net-A-Porter's new arrivals because other than these posts, I have absolutely no business looking anywhere on that website for anything. How can I resist lusting towards these fabulous high-end items? There are so many gorgeous pieces out there and I am in tune with reality enough to know that these items would be a dream to have but I'm nowhere near reaching those unrealistic #ClosetGoals.

Anyways, these seems like a fun way to round out this week of blog posts before I take my break for the weekend. Did I mention last week how much of a relief I felt not having to wake up on Saturday and Sunday and rush to put a blog post together? This is actually the only post this week that I'm not writing ahead of time because, well, I actually don't know. I think I've just been really tired and in order to do this post, I need my old Macbook with Photoshop on it and this computer basically has to remain my desktop computer because it's heavy and the battery is absolute CRAP (aka it needs to be serviced but I'm cheap AF and I don't want to drive 40 minutes to the Apple Store when I only use this computer to edit photos). I digress, no big deal. Let's get into my 31st dream closet!

I think I could say, with confidence, that my dream closet could easily be filled to the brim with Gucci (with a sprinkling of Saint Laurent). I have to make a conscious effort when doing these posts to not just fill them with all of the Gucci new arrivals. I kept it to just this geometric printed dress that is so 60s that it hurts. 

The embellished cold shoulder on that Christopher Kane sweatshirt gives me life. There was a similar one in black but I thought, you know what, I'm going to hypothetically step out of my all black comfort zone and put something grey on here. Plus, the embellishments on the grey sweatshirt were much more bright and fun and reminded me of both Fruit Pebbles and a tropical bird. 

Sorry for the Chloe sweater. Y'all know how much I adore fall and honestly, this summer is killing me. It is so hot and humid all the time that I feel like I'm drowning. Plus, I miss pumpkin, okay? I MISS PUMPKIN.

Sorry again for the Acne scarf, but the COLORS. THE COLORS GUYS!!!!!

Sorry again for the Balmain jacket. I'm out of excuses, really. I just love fall and fall weather and fall clothes and I also have a huge soft spot for aviator jackets with shearling lining. They're one of my many weaknesses. 

Here we go, a little dose of summer back into everything. This Marni tambourine bag is absolutely precious and I just want to mindlessly tap the sides of it while I wander around. I love the shape, the soft pink color, the contrasting black strap, everything.

As for those Gianvito Rossi bow-embellished slides, they're just such a beautiful shade of gold. Not too yellow, not too pale. As much as I love my heels, I do like a nice interesting flat every once in a while!

And last but not least, these metallic silver Fendi boots. I just love how they have those "sock" inserts in the side that it makes you look like you're wearing some old school striped socks. It's a funny little touch and I love it!

What would be in your dream closet?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Things I'm Loving

I want to reformat my Things I'm Loving Thursday posts. I don't know how I want to go about it, so I'm going to probably test a few different formats over the next few weeks to figure out what in the heck I want to do with this blog series. It's certainly not something that I want to give up, especially since I need some place weekly to scream about new singles that the members of One Direction release during their solo endeavors, but dedicating entire blog posts to said songs would be a little extreme and quite frankly, a bit boring. How many exclamation points can you read in a row before you sigh and yell, "WE GET IT!"

What I'm listening to:

Instead of diving right into numbered lists, let's talk a little bit about a few songs I've been loving lately. If you haven't heard, Queen Kesha has blessed us with released two new songs and they're killer. I am so glad that Kesha is back and better than ever. She deserves the world and her new song "Woman" is a Certified Bop™. It's my new I Want To Fight Men song, and honestly, I really look for the property in many songs. I've also been listening to "Baby Hold On" by Eddie Money and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 a lot lately if anyone fancies a nice flash back to the 80s. If we're going to cycle back to current music, Selena Gomez released a new song with Gucci Mane (I don't actually know who Gucci Mane is but it seemed rude to leave him out of this when he does have his verse) called "Fetish" that I can't help but like. Every time Selena releases a new song or talks about being a musician, I roll my eyes because...guys...we all know she can't sing. It's not a secret. And yet, here I am, bopping to all of her tunes because they're so damn catchy.

What I've been putting on my face:

Actually, it's a relief to say that I'm not really putting much on my face lately. I'm really dedicated to keeping a bare face as much as possible this summer in an attempt to really heal my acne ridden skin and just give it a break. One of my all time favorite products has really been coming in clutch for my lazy makeup days though. I'm actually almost out of my Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel (I use the shade Espresso) and I'm so torn between getting another tube or sticking to my all drugstore purchases. It's the perfect match for my eyebrow color and really fills in those sparse areas without adding too much. It's definitely a product that makes me feel infinitely more polished when I have it on.

I've also been wearing a decent amount of cream eyeshadow lately. I don't think I can talk about the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadow any more than I already do, but once again, it's just so low maintenance and is the easiest way for me to complete my eye look. For something a little less dramatic and bronze, I've been reaching for my tiny version of Benefit's Bikini Teeny cream shadow, which is a beautiful champagne shimmer that looks amazing all over the lid and crept up into the crease. If I need a simple eye look, I basically just pop these on and apply some mascara. I've been using the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara (total dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex).

Aaaaaaand last but not least, my favorite summer blush has returned to the scene. I always forget that I own this blush until I'm trying to switch it up in my makeup routine and I flip this one over to see the shade name and I'm like "YES!" I should also start off by saying that this is NARS Orgasm before I continue to talk about how pretty it is without actually saying what it is and make you guess based on the color in the pan in the photo. It's a really pretty pink that leans towards the coral side to make a really gorgeous shade that looks nice applied lightly over fair skin or blends in with a tan to give you a healthy glow. I also love its subtle golden shimmer in the pan. It doesn't translate heavily onto the skin but adds a hint of sheen and shimmer (not gross chunky shimmer though) that couples nicely with a power highlight.

What I've been eating: 

Nectarines. And a lot of them. I love nectarines and peaches, but mostly nectarines because sometimes the fuzzy exterior of a peach can throw me off, especially if they aren't really cold. Nectarines are the fruit I look forward to eating all year. They're just so sweet and juicy while also having a bit of a tang. I just love them, okay? So much!!!

What I've been reading: 

Okay, so yes, I literally just talked about this book yesterday, but here I am again, reminding you that Once and For All by Sarah Dessen was a really decent and adorable book. If you weren't tempted yesterday, perhaps today you will be.

What are some of your favorites as of late?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Once and For All, An Ode to Sarah Dessen & A Chat About YA Fiction

Sarah Dessen is my homegirl. I don't actually know Sarah Dessen (though, Sarah, if you're reading this...hit me up), but she's been there for me since I was a teenager. I must have read Just Listen for the first time when I was in eighth grade back in 2008/2009. I can't remember the exact date, but I know it was around the time that I ordered my black iPod Classic because I have the quote "Don't think or judge, just listen" engraved on the back courtesy of that book. She's the author of thirteen books and I'm proud to say that I have read and enjoyed all thirteen of them.

Once and For All, the newest addition to her collection of works, released on the sixth of June of this year. In looking up plot details to write this review of sorts, I read Sarah's note about the book in which she explains how she thought that Saint Anything would be her last book (released in May of 2015 and which I read last summer) and can I just say that I'm so thankful that it wasn't? It would be selfish to wish that Sarah Dessen would write the same thing forever and ever, but her books are my favorite source of happiness bound together between a cover and a back. I mean, I bought this book in hardcover. That says a lot!

For Dessen's thirteenth novel, we follow along Louna Barrett, the daughter of a famous wedding planner. Louna works alongside her mother and her partner, William. After growing up with only her mother and watching and working at weddings, Louna has become a cynic when it comes to love, marriage, and happily-ever-afters. And like any good YA romance novel goes, a charming, handsome fella is thrown into the mix. Ambrose is the, well, somewhat obnoxious brother of a bride that the Barretts were hired to do the wedding for. His mother asked Louna's mother to hire him for the summer up until his sister's wedding to keep him out of their hair, much to the chagrin of Louna herself. I think we all know where this goes from there...

I get a lot of joy out of reading books in which I can predict the ending. It's the same with romantic comedies. I know, for the most part, how they're all going to end, and I relish in the fact. I like that they cause me no stress or distress, for the most part. Though I will admit, the slow burn in some of these books has me on edge. I just want to smush their faces together and make them kiss!!!!

I don't think that the fact that these type of books have a formula is necessarily a bad thing. I don't think it takes anything away from the writing of these authors. If anything, it's always fun to see what each author's take is on this hate to love kind of story line. I love reading about first conversations, first dates, first kisses, first anythings. I love the banter, the conversations, the growth of characters and their relationships. I JUST LOVE IT ALL, OKAY?

I told my friend that I shouldn't make this comparison that I'm about to make, but you know what, it's the best way I can describe it. Pizza Hut. You still with me? Sarah Dessen books are like Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut pizza is not the best pizza in the entire world, you see, but Pizza Hut pizza is rarely horrible. It's consistently good. If all else fails, there's always Pizza Hut. That's sort of how I feel about Sarah Dessen's book. If I'm ever struggling with what I want to buy in a book store, I know that if there's a new book by her out, it will be a good read and I won't think it was a waste of money. Her books are consistently good, entertaining, charming, and always worth the money and the time spent reading.

I would also like to redirect the topic very quickly to the negative connotation that Young Adult (YA) fiction gets in this world. Why does the YA genre get such a bad name? I feel like there's a common misconception about what the YA genre contains story wise. I think people misconstrue the idea of YA books, demoting them to cliche novels full of over the top or "Mary Sue" characters (and nothing in between), plot holes, and cringy dialogue.

I suppose to each their own on their preferences when it comes to books, but I have a feeling most people will write off YA fiction books just because of the genre, assuming there will be unrelatable characters that they won't be able to connect with. I mean, I read almost exclusively about high school students or recent graduates when I've been out of high school since 2013 and just graduated from college. I'm a twenty-one-year-old reading about people getting their licenses and preparing for college when I haven't related to that in years. And yet, here I am, still enjoying my favorite genre. I don't think I'll ever really grow out of it, either. Are YA Lit books seen as inferior? That was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but I feel like we all know the obvious answer to that question is yes.

Anyways, in conclusion, this might be my favorite book that I've read all year. It was extremely entertaining, made me literally LOL (few books make me actually want to laugh), and NEARLY MADE ME THROW THE BOOK OUT AT THE END. You'll see, my friends, you will see.

Have you read Sarah Dessen's books? How do you feel about YA Lit?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Taking the Pajama Look Into Summer

What did we do before the pajama trend hit the runways? Who do we all need to thank for gracing the end of the 2010s with silk pants and tops that are socially acceptable to wear in public and easy to access in many stores, rather than just in the pajama department (pajama department????) of your standard Target. Just know that I have been in full support of this silk pajama as regular attire trend for about a year now and I don't say this about many trends, but I'd really like for it to stick around to ensure endless comfort at all hours of the day.

Look, dressing for this humid weather during the summer is killing me. Some days it's too cold to wear denim shorts and a t-shirt, but attempting to wear jeans that cling to my skin is also a huge no-no (more like a hell no). If I have to wear actual clothes and not my famous combination of the same two t-shirts, a pair of Adidas running shorts and $2 Old Navy flip-flops, I panic. I don't know how to dress anymore, especially in summer weather.

I've learned that any kind of loose fitting silk pants or culottes are the way to go, my friends. The fabric doesn't cling to your skin and make you sweat bullets (the bullets...okay, okay, there's no time for "Sign of the Times" in this blog post), but it also conceals more of your skin so the humidity doesn't make you feel absolutely disgusting. I'm not saying that the summer would be infinitely less miserable without humidity, but summer would be infinitely less miserable if THE HUMIDITY WOULD JUST NOT.

I got these pants a couple of months ago during my last ever day at Cleveland Consignment Shoppe. They're Rag & Bone and were originally like $400 something, so I was pretty stoked to get them for around 60 bucks. Normally I'd wear my trusty Rag & Bone white t-shirt, except it got a bunch of random stains on it that I could not identify, so I had to raid the pile of clean clothes on my brother's bed and wear a random white shirt. I don't even think this is a brand, I just needed it for the post.

We all know how much I'm loving my Adidas sneakers at the moment and no look of mine would be complete without a pair of sunglasses. I don't think I've worn these in an outfit post on my blog before, but I talked about them briefly a few months ago. They're my Dior Crystal-Embellished sunglasses that I scored at Saks Off Fifth. Whenever I wear them I feel like some sort of celebrity trying to hide my identity from the public. I don't know what it is about them, but I low-key love that feeling.

Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Book Round-Up

I figured it was time to reflect on the books I've read so far in 2017, mostly for my knowledge because every time I make sure that I'm following up on my goal for the year to read a new book every month, I forget what I've read. I really haven't disliked any of the books I've read this year, so I figure this would also double as a list of book recommendations. I think I've talked about all of them at some point on my blog, so I'll try to link those posts so you can see more in depth thoughts about each book. Or just to see more written about them. I can't promise in depth, y'all know how I can't describe things by now.


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart - read my original post here
This was the first book I read in 2017 (I mean, duh, it was my January book) and was a really good kick starter to get me back into reading. It was fairly short (somewhere around 200 pages I believe) and super engaging. I think I read a majority of it, all of it sans twenty pages or so, in one sitting after I was babysitting for a long night. I could not put it down. I didn't want the parents to get home so I'd have to stop reading and risk figuring out the plot twist ending. I definitely give this book an 8.5/10.


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne - read my original post here
The more I see my friends and people talking about reading this on social media, the more jittery I get. I don't remember the last time I felt so involved in characters' lives that it physically caused me distress. Y'all, you gotta read this book. If you read any book from this list of books that I've already read, let it be this one. It's funny, chock full of good ole banter, and the chemistry between Lucy and Josh will literally make you want to rip your hair out...but in a good way. Honestly, I'm gonna give this one a 9/10 but I really want to say 10/10. 


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I don't think I have an original blog post for this one, but I cannot remember. I bought this book ages ago, right when it first came out with the intentions to binge read it. Then...I never did. I think I started it, got about thirty pages in, set it down and never touched it again. I don't even think I had it in my apartment or dorm with me. I literally left it at home, 200 miles away from where I was living full-time. I digress, it took me forever to actually read this book which was really dumb of me. I don't even know what to say about it without spoiling it but like...if you want to try to figure out a murder mystery through the spotty, alcohol infused memory of the main narrator, Rachel, this is the book for you. I give it a solid 7.5/10.


Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon - read my original post here
I mostly read this book because I wanted to see the movie because I heart Amandla Stenberg. Plus, I like YA books. They're my favorite kind of book (more on that some other time this week). This one was really cute and was a pretty quick read (I read it literally in one sitting on Easter). It wasn't my favorite book of all time and was a little bland for me, but that's not to say I wouldn't recommend it to somebody. I would give it a 6/10.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - read my original post here
This was one of those books that I didn't think I would finish. I talked about it in the blog post, but there was a point somewhere around 60 pages in (give or take, I don't have the book with me as I sent it to a friend so I can't pinpoint the exact location) that I wanted to put the book down and never pick it back up. The narrator, Sam, and her friends are very privileged and downright mean girls and it's really not fun to read a book through the eyes of a mean girl. However, the more the book progresses, the more you see the character development at least in the narrator (not so much her friends, but at least in the book you do get a decent amount of background information as Sam begins to dig deeper. All in all, even if it felt pretty repetitive at times (I mean, how many times can you read about the same day over and over again, even with the slight changes?), it wasn't a bad book by any means. The movie on the other hand...I give it a 6.8/10!


Yes Please by Amy Poehler - read my original post here
I read and enjoyed this book as a fan of Amy Poehler. Obviously, there are mixed reviews about a lot of things, so it's no surprise that this book had positive and negative reviews. I explained in the post that a lot of criticism I saw was about its sort of disorganization and how it seemed spotty and random at times. I took this book less as a memoir and more as a stream of consciousness. Even Amy herself said she probably shouldn't have been writing a book the state that she was in and you can sort of sense that in the rambles, the time-hopping, and the occasionally vague moments (much like my blog posts...oooooh, #SelfBurn). That's how my brain works too though. Things are rarely linear, so I appreciated a book that I could follow along with in that sense. I'd give it a 7/10!


Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han - read my original post here
Y'all should know by now how much I stan Jenny Han and this book trilogy. I am obsessed with Lara Jean and the rest of the Song girls. I love Kitty. I loved the fake dating trope in the first book of the series. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Really, just with these three books, Jenny Han climbed nearly to the top of my list of favorite YA authors (nobody will ever trump Sarah Dessen though, she's my homegirl...but again, we'll talk more about her later this week #SpoilerAlert). What was I saying? Oh yes, this was the third and final book in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series and I was really hesitant to read not because I was nervous, but because I just didn't want it to end. I still can't tell if I liked the ending to Always and Forever, Lara Jean but I think I did? It's still setting in for me, honestly, even if I read it last month. I think it's just because I'm not ready to let it go so I'm going to dwell on it forever and ever. I can't wait for Jenny Han's next release, whatever it may be. I give this book a 7.5/10 (but a full 8.5/10 for the entire series).


The Girls by Emma Cline - read my original post here
I waited until this book went to paperback before I finally read it. It's a weird tick of mine. Sometimes I can wait, sometimes I can't. I was okay with waiting for this one. I liked the book, don't get me wrong! It was a slow start, but once I got towards the middle of the book, I became more and more intrigued by Evie, the narrator, and how she got semi-involved with a Manson-like cult. I would keep an open mind if you decide to read this book. I don't think it's for everyone, but for a debut novel, Emma Cline kicked some boooootayyyy. I'd give it an 8/10!

What have you read in 2017 so far?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Independent Artists Infinitely More Talented Than Me

I can draw approximately two things: a stick figure and a snail. That's the extent of my artistic ability. I never excelled when it came to drawing and painting or really anything that required some sort of element of visual art. I just...I can't do it. I don't possess the talent to do so. Because of this complete lack of skill, I am generally pretty awestruck by the fact that humans are capable of creating such beautiful things.

I think I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that when I move into my next apartment, I really want to fill it with works from independent artists, whether it's drawings, paintings, elements of graphic design, it doesn't really matter. I've been searching around for my favorites and bookmarking them as I go along. So far, these are some that I've found that I'm really itching to buy something from (or might already have). Also, they're all bada$$ women, so that's pretty darn cool too.

1. Shop RWD

This is Rachel Whitehurst's Etsy store. She was one of my favorite YouTubers but has since discontinued her video series. Still, I follow her along on social media and had a little bit of a moment when I saw that she was finally launching her Etsy store. There are no items listed at the time I'm posting this, but if you want to know when she's restocking, I would follow her on social media to check it out!

What does she sell? Watercolor paintings, bookmarks, magnets, coasters, etc.

2. Snazzy Starlight

Are you familiar with synesthesia? If not, in its most basic sense, it is when the body produces an involuntary sense as a result of an action, or a crossing of senses. In the case of Abel, the girl behind her synesthesia art, when she listens to music she sees colors. She paints "songs" essentially, which I think is the most incredible thing in this entire world. Each of her paintings are swirlings of colors reflective of what she sees when she listens to songs. She had pre-made song options to choose from, but you are also able to request songs for her to paint. Even saying that out loud sounds so insanely cool. I'm still deciding which songs I want to get and what song I would request. Actually, I think I know which one already...

What does she sell? Premade and custom abstract paintings of songs on acrylic paper or canvas

3. Ashlyn

I already have one of Ashlyn's paintings (I was the lucky gal who bought "Sweet Creature"), but still, doesn't mean I wouldn't want more! I love getting behind the scene snaps of her new paintings. She just got back home, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more paintings on her Instagram up for sale. I believe that she's mentioned that she wants to start selling other products so...keep your eyes peeled!

What does she sell? Currently, paintings on canvas

4. Madeline Rose

I don't remember how I stumbled upon Madeline's Instagram, which eventually led me to her website, but I'm not going to question how or why I found it. Madeline is a Cleveland artist, which gets an automatic thumbs up from me. She has a lot of different options on her website of art mediums and even within those options, there's a lot of visual diversity too. There are more colorful and delicate paintings and there's also edgier drawings. I really like the balance she's created within her art. I think it provides a lot of options for everyone.

What does she sell? Paintings and painting prints, drawings and drawing prints, collages, and more!

* * * * * 
And that's all she wrote! I'm definitely always keeping my eyes open for more, so perhaps I'll need to do a part two to this post somewhere down the line. If you're at all interested in art or aesthetics, maybe you'll dig some of their stuff.

Who are your favorite independent artists?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Things I'm Loving

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge + Laura Mercier Transluscent Setting Powder

The amount of time it's taken me to learn that using the tip of my damp sponge to apply loose setting powder to my under eye area to set my concealer instead of a brush is honestly absurd. How many years did I spend swiping a brush underneath my eye and ending up with tiny little fine lines from where I inevitably squinted in the setting process because a rogue bristle hit me in the eye? It's a dangerous game, putting brushes near your eyeballs, and it's a game I no longer have to play.

I find that when I dip the pointed tip of my Real Techniques sponge (I'm sure a Beauty Blender would work just fine too, I'm just too cheap to pay $20+ for a sponge) into the loose powder and lightly press it against the skin under my eye, I don't get weird fine lines or wrinkles in the concealer. It keeps the concealer intact and really locks it in to avoid fading and creasing throughout the day. This isn't like a new makeup fad or anything, I mean, how long have you heard the word "bake" in a makeup tutorial? This is like...the step before you would bake. I don't have the time or patience to let the loose powder sit there for that long, but I do get the appeal of applying it with a sponge instead of a brush to get a more precise and locked in look.

2. Something to Tell You by Haim

It's here!!! Haim's sophomore album is here!!! Are you just as excited as I am??? No??? You should be!!! Okay, I think I've used my rogue punctuation quota for the day. And my usage of the word "rogue" in a blog post quota. Our favorite group of sisters followed up their 2013 album Days Are Gone with yet another killer California-inspired album. I've never been to California nor do I know much about it to be completely honest, but I know that California sounds like Haim and Haim sound like California. Don't ask how I know. It's just a feeling.

Like how I tried to ramble for a while so this part of the blog post wasn't a sentence long because I can't talk about music? Any album that starts out with a song as strong as "Want You Back" is going to take you on a journey. This is the kind of album that you listen to (and that I have listened to) on a really sunny day with the windows down and your hair blowing in the wind. Actually, maybe put your hair back into a ponytail or something because there's nothing worse that getting whipped in the face by your own hair. It's like being betrayed by your own self...

I digress, even with bleak subjects matters, the songs manage to be upbeat. Sometimes that's how I feel. Strong and fun on the outside, weak and whimpering on the inside. Don't get me wrong, this album isn't nearly as dramatic as Melodrama by Lorde (dramatic, I say, in the best way possible of course). It's emotional, but not slow. It's intimate and story-telling mixed in between cohesive beats and melodies. I thought that this Slate article about the album was a really interesting read that draws a lot of similarities between Haim and other family bands.

To listen to: "Want You Back" (duh), "Something to Tell You," "You Never Knew," and "Found it in Silence." But seriously, the album is only 11 songs long, listen to them all.

3. Lion 

I finally got my stuff together and as soon as I saw that Lion was on Netflix, I immediately dropped everything and queued it up to watch. This was a movie I meant to see a million times and just...never did. Because I'm a piece of trash. That's another story for another time, though. This section of the post is all about Lion, even if it ripped my heart out and made me ugly cry in the privacy of my own home!

This movie was structured differently than I expected from the commercials. For a majority of the first half of the movie, we were following along a young Saroo (Sunny Pawar) pre and post being separated from his family. I don't want to spoil too much of this movie, but if you haven't seen it yet and aren't sure of what happens, maybe just skip this part of the blog post. I won't be offended considering I'm pretty bad at spoilers. Anyways, I digress, this part of the movie requires a lot of paying attention unless you understand Hindi or Bengali. I needed to read the subtitles and really pay attention to understand what was going on during Saroo's attempt to reunite with his family while he was thousands of miles away after falling asleep on a train he thought was out of commission.

The second half of the movie is split up between Saroo's (Dev Patel) young adult years, moving from Tasmania with his adoptive family (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham) to Melbourne to study hotel management. There, he meets Lucy (Rooney Mara) and a group of diverse friends in the same program. It's through them that sparks his curiosity in finding out where he's from. Saroo spends a long time dwelling on where he was from, what his origin story was, trying to repress memories of his estranged mother and brother (there's a sister, too, but she isn't as prevalent in his visions). There's Google Earth involved and complicated maps and formulas to try to figure out where the train he rode ended up coming from because he couldn't remember that name of the area he was from and had the pronunciation wrong because he was only five.

Obviously, we all know he finds his home in the end. It's the uplifting, beautiful ending that legitimately had me bawling my eyes out and clutching my chest. The movie was beautiful, and not just because Dev Patel was in it. There's a reason people raved about it! If you want to cry (like a lot), watch Lion. I'm not one to watch movies ever, so the fact that I was excited to see this one finally and didn't even pause it and get up because I got distracted says a lot.

What have you been loving lately?