Monday, October 24, 2016

This Moment In Fashion...Chunky Knits

If I had the option, I think I would cloak myself in chunky knits every day for the rest of my life. Other than a fleece onesie, what else is going to feel like an eternal warm hug? Chunky knits, that's what. There's just something so dressed down and darn right comfortable about a thick knit, cozy as all heck sweater. It could be a chunky cardigan, a plain ole scoopneck sweater, or my favorite, a chunky knit turtleneck or mock neck. Heck, go a little crazy and rock a chunky cable knit sweater dress with your favorite pair of tights (that will, inevitably, tear after a few wears because lord knows tights, while necessary in the cold, are just little gifts from Satan meant to keep us buying more and more) and a pair of your favorite fall or winter boots. Boom. Instant hug in an outfit. 

This is a more casual styling of a chunky knit. I took my cable knit varsity sweater from American Eagle that I got absolutely ages ago that I've been pulling out as much as possible. I layered a thin turtleneck from Target underneath just for some extra warmth. I paired this double-sweater combo the pair of Levi's jeans that I distressed and chopped apart myself. On me feet are my Chanel dupes from our favorite fast fashion store Zara (you can still get them here if you want to get in on the fun!).

As for a more "dressed" up but still casual look, I took my chunky knitted and slightly cropped sweater from H&M over my cognac double button skirt from Wandering Wardrobe. It's too chunky to tuck in, but the cropped nature of the sweater paired perfectly with the fitted waist of the skirt! On the bottom, I kept it simple with a pair of Bandolino riding boots that I've had for ages. They my favorite. They've definitely been through the ringer, but I don't think I'll be able to part with them until they truly break on me.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Good Reads

1. Stay Warm and Look Cute I think if I tried to wear a crop top in Cleveland cold, I would absolutely freeze, but swap in a regular tank, t-shirt or thin sweater under the same cocoon cardigan and then we're talking!

2. What is Your Outfit Template? It's funny how we all, over time, develop templates for everything. Outfits, makeup, daily routines...we're creatures of habits!

3. A Roundup Of Fall Suede Pieces Under $100 Suede has to be one of my favorite fabrics for the fall and winter season. There's something so deconstructed and classic about it!

4. How to do Velvet Can we take a moment or ten to appreciate that gorgeous crushed velvet midi layered over a turtleneck? Please and thank you.

5. Loewe Barcelona Bag vs. Loewe Puzzle Bag Let's just call it even and be total heart-eyes over both bags!

6. The October Look All I want is 1. Hannah's aesthetic and 2. For Hannah to do my makeup every single day for the rest of my life.

7. How to Give and Take a Compliment I can give a compliment. Accepting compliments and not laughing them off or passing the compliment giver off as ridiculous is where my issues lie...

8. Red Leather She's even rocking my favorite red matte lip!

9. 3 Ways to Wear a Dress Over Pants One day I will style an outfit like this and it will be a glorious, glorious day.

10. Beauty YouTube Channels To Follow Now I currently follow or have followed these gals in the past, but I'm always looking for new channels to fall in love with!

11. How to Wake Up Happy I seriously needs these tips, especially with this rainy weather coming in and waking up when it is still dark and gloomy.

12. Meet the New Cortez Is it finally time for me to join the world of fashion sneakers? All signs are pointing to yes.

13. 15 People Told Me What They Thought of My Outfit Can you hear me giggling all the way from Ohio? I live for posts like this. P.S. if I had New York as my catwalk, I would rock outfits like this on the daily.

14. 5 Ways To Organize Your Digital Life My digital life is growing exponentially by the day. My goal is to organize it in 2017, no matter what!

15. The Teddy Coat I have approximately 10000 coats at the moment, but what's another one, right?

What have you been reading lately?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dream Closet, Vol. 22

When I was blog planning for October, I nearly forgot to include my Dream Closet post for the month. What a sad month it would be without my monthly scroll through Net-a-Porter, sobbing over beautiful clothing that costs months upon months of rent. As hard as it is to focus on the pricing, I just adore fashion. I love seeing new looks, designers' takes on trends, and spotting trends within fashion houses. I love getting more comfortable with these clothes, penning them to designers before I even have to look. I have my own issues with the fashion industry, but I don't think I could ever give up on clothes. To some, clothes are nothing. To me, clothes are art. I was never very good at drawing or painting or sculpting, but I found my art through makeup brushes, felt eyeliner tips, distressed jeans and dramatically ruffled blouses. To me, scrolling through the pages upon pages of inventory on Net-a-Porter feels to me like walking through an art museum or taking a stroll through a guitar strop. We all have our own "things" and I'd like to think that clothes are mine.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Positivitea Cup Nineteen: Doing Things For Yourself, By Yourself

By nature, I'd consider myself an introvert. Not socially inept, not anti-social. Just a little shy, a little drained by social interaction. I tend to lean towards keeping to myself, but I don't close myself off from the world. My favorite way to see introversion versus extroversion is that introverts, while still enjoying social interaction, get drained from those around them over time whereas extroverts feed off of the energy from others. Introverts may require a "recharging" period while extroverts can solider on through it without many issues.

My introversion combined with my other social tendencies makes it difficult to be open with others and to, in simple terms, "get myself out there." I've never had massive groups of friends, I've never been incredible at keeping friends, and I still struggle with constant communication (which you'll know if you've ever tried to keep in touch with me). Certainly, being this way isn't my favorite way to live my life, but I'm twenty going on twenty-one years into it and I think it's time to accept that this is just the way I am. And that's not the worst thing in the world.

Call me #MissIndependent, call me #MrLonely (shoutout to Akon, my middle school jam), whatever you please (Francesca is fine too). I'm not lonely lonely, but there's part of me that feels like a loner sometimes. Again, not the worst thing in the world. In fact, as much as I struggled with this as a teenager, I think it made me grow a lot as a young adult. I had to learn how to do a lot of things by myself and I think I still have a ways to go.

Sometimes, you have to learn how to do things for yourself, by yourself. You have to learn how to go get a coffee by yourself, sit in a Starbucks for four hours with your headphones in and block out the conversations around you. You might have to venture through the mall by yourself, you might even have to sit down and have a nice meal by yourself. It's silly to deprive yourself of these necessary moments because you don't have someone to share them with. Most things can be done alone, it's just frowned upon for some reason. Sure, you can't ride a tandem bike alone, but you can go on solo bike rides (though, that's up for debate based off of some safety concerns...).

I digress...there's always this underlying goal to have the most friends, the best friends, the "squad" of your dreams, when in reality, it's truly important to know that you have yourself. It might not seem like the most fulfilling thing on the outside, but when you get to the point where you know you can rely on yourself, everything becomes easier. Relationships flow smoother, interacting with others becomes less of a chore, all is well. It might take years for this to happen or it might take the matter of a few weeks. We're all on different paths, walking at different speeds, and that's okay.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things I'm Loving

1. Lush Cupcake Mask

Lo and behold, I've finally tested out a Lush face mask. I've been curious about Lush masks for years, but me being me just never made the plunge to finally get one. Well friends, the time has finally come. I've been slathering this on my face for almost two weeks now (it's getting very close to expiring...ah!!!) and I love it. Other than the fact that is smells amazing, just like brownie batter, it makes my skin feel so nice. The mask is meant to calm redness and combat oil. It totally softened my skin and I noticed a huge difference with the oils in my skin. Generally, my t-zone leans more towards the oily side and my makeup tends to need reapplication if I do something during the evening  just from the oils in my skin. But I've noticed a pretty dramatic decrease in the oils from my skin while still retaining moisture!

2. "Shout Out To My Ex" by Little Mix

I've been bopping to this song all week and seriously, it's the greatest. THE GREATEST, I TELL YOU! I did a whole post about #GirlPower earlier this week and I stand by it. This song was the song that started it all and I'm just so excited for Little Mix's new album. Give the song a listen if you want to feel hella empowered or if you just want to dance around to a good tune.

3. WALLS by Kings of Leon

I've been in love with Kings of Leon for what feels like forever. In reality, it's only been since 2008 (thanks to the Jonas Brothers, I believe). I digress, I just adore Kings of Leon's music and their style. It's an unusual blend of rock with a bit of twang with some indie vibes. It's just a whole conglomerate of some juxtaposing sounds that makes Kings of Leon Kings of Leon. Their newest album just came out and it's nothing short of incredible. It's shooting up the charts and for good reason. The Followill group has done it again, curating an album so quintessentially them while continuing to shake it up.

To listen to: "Waste A Moment," "Around the World," "Muchacho," and "WALLS"

4. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

I got a sample of this as a 100-point perk at Sephora, but I've been curious about this primer for a while. I will admit, I forget about face primer most of the time. Eyeshadow primer? I'll never forget it. But foundation primer? Eh, I'll let it slide. However, I think I've steered myself wrong because this primer has seriously helped out my makeup game. As I said earlier, I have somewhat oily skin and it's always been a bit of an issue to keep my makeup intact at the end of the day. The combination of the Cupcake mask and this primer have seriously helped out. By the end of the day, my foundation and concealer don't break apart or budge or become overwhelmed by oil. It's incredible. It doesn't leave a weird feeling on my face and sinks into my moisturizer seamlessly.

What have you been loving lately?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Five Trends for Fall/Winter 2016

Better late than never. It took me a hot second to round up some of my favorite trends for this fall and winter, but they're here and vague as ever. Honestly, I take trends with a grain of salt. They're fun to follow and a lot of interesting pieces come out during the seasons, but they're generally fleeting and tend to just be timely trends rather than ever-lasting staples. Still, they're fun to indulge in and watch at the seasons diverge. Plus, you can do what you want with trends. You can wear velvet in tops, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, whatever you might please. You can take trends and make them your own, tailoring them to your style and comfort level.

1. Relaxed fit denim

Give me skinny jeans or give me death, but honestly...sometimes my legs just want to breathe. Swap out a pair of your skin tight denim for a more relaxed feel. Rock a pair of simple boyfriend jeans, rip some holes in the knee, glue some faux pearls down the front, hell, rock a color blocked pair with a massive stripe down the side. Enjoy the freedom of not having denim constricting your every move, even if just for a day

2. Velvet

You can do whatever you want with this trend. Want to rock a pair of velvet hot pants? Go for it and ass a nice flowy white blouse. Want to rock a pair of velvet booties? Tuck in your favorite part of black skinnies and pop on a bright red lip for a more holiday feel. Rock a velvet choker, a crushed velvet babydoll dress...the possibilities are endless.

3. Statement rings

Jewelry is something that I always forget exists, but that doesn't mean you should forget it too! Take a page out of Harry Styles' book and just pile on #AllTheRings. Seriously. Mix and match metals, vary up the sizes, put them on all of your fingers...don't feel limited to just one finger on your right hand to rock some sick jewelry.

4. Juxtapositions

Sometimes you just have to throw sartorial caution to the wind and do some good old mixing and matching. Want to wear a military-inspired utilitarian jacket? Pop it over a frilly, more feminine dress. Rocking a pair of destroyed and distressed-to-the-max denim? Wear a more "formal" blouse (bonus points if it has a pussybow) or style them with a pair of pointed toe pumps. Try to find the polar opposites to the pieces you want to wear and don't be afraid to try make them work together. Experimentation is key and not everything might work. That's life!

5. Leopard

Jenna Lyons once wisely said "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." Truer words have never been spoken and my life has been changed ever since I heard this wise, wise statement. Leopard goes with more than you think it does and I swear, it is always in style. It's on the trend forecast what seems like every season, but it's everywhere this year. I swear, every September issue I read had some mention of leopard in some capacity, some even dedicating entire pages and collages to the trend. So, rock those leopard booties with your favorite pair of denim or be more daring and channel your inner Trendy Gal by layer a leopard coat over your ensemble of the day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Importance of #GirlPower

I will 100% admit that this post has been inspired by "Shout Out To My Ex" by Little Mix, their first single off of their fourth album that we're being blessed with on November 18th. Dream job: Little Mix hype woman. I digress, this song (and the performance from The X-Factor on Sunday) gave me major #GirlPower vibes. Little Mix as a whole just exude #GirlPower and I am so here for it.

I get all warm and fuzzy on the inside when I think about how supportive Little Mix are of each other. They're loyal, they're caring, they're encouraging, always there for one another to lift each other what kind of goals is that? They're such a tight knit group of girls who just want to love and support each other and I am so here for it.

Aside from some outliers, it seems like the response to this song seems fairly positive, or at least I'm associating with the right people who are into this song. Some of the gals from Fifth Harmony raved about the tune (side note: can we stop pitting Little Mix and Fifth Harmony against each other please? It's not a competition. Stop pitting women against each other...I'm looking at you, Hollywood with any "female feud"), Ariana Grande stepped in to support her tour mates. Sunday was a glorious day...once you erase the sexist headlines and double standards. The slut-shaming for their stage costumes is for another time because I don't want to erase the #GirlPower focus of this post to rant and rant and rant until I'm pried off my soapbox.

Don't get me wrong, I went through a gross stage in middle school and early high school where I was just really bitter and angry and took it out on other girls. I don't like to think about it, but I think it's important to acknowledge this so I can note the change and what it did for me. Life became infinitely better when I stopped hating other girls. Life is hard enough for women in an inherently sexist and patriarchal society (and don't get get me started with women of color and transwomen...SUPPORT ALL WOMEN!). The last thing we need to do is rag on each other and make it worse.

What do we get out of tearing each other down? What good does it do? Has anyone ever experienced something more glorious than having a wine night with your gal pals? I get infinitely more excited about compliments from other girls than anyone else in the world.

I will advocate my soapbox for the time being because I feel like I've made my point. #GirlPower is a cute thing to say, but sometimes you just have to go that extra mile to put it into action. Offer your kind words and support. Don't sit idly. It's honestly simple: support other women, no matter what (okay, there's obviously some exceptions but like...come on, I'm trying to make a point...don't embarrass me in front of everyone...). Live out the hashtag!