48 Hours In Manhattan | NYC Street Diaries

Monday, February 19, 2018

If I wanted to be technical, I actually had about 44 hours in Manhattan. And then a total of about 20 hours on a train, round trip. But you know, for the sake of it being almost two days exactly, I'll fudge the title of this blog post. At least you know the truth now.

I like these sort of street diaries posts because they give me an excuse to use iPhone snaps that I take that I don't necessarily want to put on Instagram. Also because they are, admittedly, easy to do when I am short on time and don't have somebody to take photos of me. And I guess also because I like when things are a little gritty and deconstructed and aren't perfect. Not that the rest of my posts are perfect, but ya know, compared to these dodgy iPhone 6 snaps, they look like masterpieces.

My train got into Manhattan at around five p.m. on Thursday evening and my train back to the opposite side of the state departed from Penn Station at one p.m. on Saturday afternoon. I had my little end of the week blip in New York City, in which I spent a majority of my time holed up in a family friend's apartment because I think it might just be my New York happy place. And also because the weather was quite shit while I was there. That didn't help either.

Picking Out A New Handbag

Friday, February 16, 2018

I have an issue. When I see a beautiful handbag, I shut down. I lose all senses of what it's like to be a human and become a shell of who I once was. I get all weird and hot and honestly, if there was a trail of drool down my mouth and chin, I wouldn't be surprised.

Looking at beautiful handbags in haul and collection videos on YouTube is one thing. There aren't department stores and boutiques where I grew up that you could see any of these bags in person. And even when I went and visited New York City, I would've never dared to enter a boutique (actually, the only time I've ever actually entered a boutique was when I was meeting with the manager of one of the high-end boutiques at Bloomingdale's on 59th and when I was on Rodeo with my friend and she insisted we stop into a few) because the idea alone freaks me out. Of course, when I started working at the consignment store–my version of Harry Styles' "I used to be a baker" bit–handling expensive handbags was literally part of the job. 

There are two moments I will never forget: the first time I ever touched a Chanel lambskin bag. I think I held it with two fingers and said a prayer the entire time hoping to god I wouldn't accidentally nick the delicate leather with my nail and holding a Birkin bag. These aren't even bags I particularly want to own, they're just so iconic in their own right that I genuinely never thought I would ever be able to see one up close and touch it. I assumed I'd only see them in magazines, on Instagram, or on the arms of the fabulous people walking the streets of New York.

Styling Vinyl For Everyday Wear

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Do you ever see a trend on someone else and tell yourself that it's cute but you'll never try to wear it yourself? I saw Megan Ellaby rocking her vinyl trench coats at London Fashion Week back in fall of 2017 and all over her Instagram and YouTube channel. Homegirl can rock just about anything, so I definitely wrote the trend off as something I wouldn't be able to pull off and probably would never try. 

Aaaaaaand then I saw this skirt on sale for about fifteen bucks on ASOS and threw caution to the wind. I have this style of skirt in brown suede and denim, so why not just go a few steps further and get it in vinyl too? This style of this skirt is so simple to style and the vinyl just really adds an extra element and funky texture that I wouldn't get from a simple black skirt.

Monochromatic Winter Look

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! This was a holiday that used to make me kind of mad, like some arbitrary date to show your love to somebody. But now I'm older and much less bitter and honestly, it's kind of cute. Of course, I mean, you should probably be kind and cute all year round, but there's nothing wrong with something being extra special today. On the other hand, there's also no need to do something extravagant. Do what you want! 

For me, today is just a busy day of trying to get as many things done as possible before I leave for New York tomorrow morning for a really, really mini trip. I also have a hot date with my dentist this morning for a routine cleaning, which is by far the best way I could start off a Valentine's Day. If you think I'm kidding, I can assure you that that is not the case. Clean teeth are my jam and it's been a hot second since I've been because I thought I wasn't covered by health insurance anymore. 

My Everyday Haircare Products

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I feel like haircare is something that gets neglected on this blog. I talk an overwhelming amount about myself, then fashion, then makeup and skincare, and even music, leaving out what used to be the most important thing to me: hair. It's true. My hair was my security blanket back in high school and early college. I was terrified of it being short and cherished my long, thick locks and lived in constant fear of it ever being short. 

And then I cut it. And I cut it again. And I cut it a couple of more times, but now I'm trying to grow it all back again. That's the low down on my actual hair and now here's the low down on what I do to it on a daily basis. I have thick, naturally straight-ish hair (it has some texture, which is just miniature frizz) that has been color-treated for about ten years, with bleach instead of dye the past five years or so. I try to use heat on my hair as little as possible, but I also hate straight hair on me so I tend to curl it quite a bit. These are just what I use on a daily basis to keep my hair doing what it does best: being mediocre, but still kind of nice looking when I brush it and style it correctly.

The Journey to Finding Jeans That Actually Fit

Monday, February 12, 2018

Francesca, how many more times are you going to talk about denim you might ask? As much as I want to! This time, we're talking about the fit of denim, something I've had major struggles with since I was a young teen. We're going to try to navigate this conversation without bringing up and ~ body issues ~ aside from the fact that my body just has weird measurements and that's totally normal! I just got fitted for a dress this past weekend and it was no surprise to me that two parts of my body (ahem, namely my chest) are in a completely different size than the part of my body that doesn't lie (thank you, Shakira).

For about seven years of my life, none of my jeans fit me right. I was athletic and my thighs have always been and always will be "bigger." That's just life, I can accept that. My hip size reflects that, but my waist sort of missed out on the memo, leaving me with jeans that look like they were my jeans two sizes ago while my thighs are threatening to break free from the denim. Anything that fit me in the hips and thighs would be gaping at my waist. On the other hand, any jeans that would possibly fit my waist wouldn't budge past my knees. I consistently sucked it up and accepted that I was just going to have to live the rest of my life wearing belts or constantly pulling my pants up so I wasn't showing my butt off to the world.

Wearing Your Band Merch

Friday, February 9, 2018

My mom likes to point out approximately once a month that amount of band merch that I have purchased in my twenty-two years on this planet. And I mean, she's not wrong, I just like to block some of these out. I'm fairly certain that between the years 2007 and 2012, I purchased a piece of merch from every single concert I went to. This might not seem like too much, except for the fact that for two or three years in a row, I went to a concert almost every single month. Yeah, I was that kind of teenager. 

I accumulated a lot of useless band merch fast. Let's be real here: all bands do not have good merch. And since I never quite adopted full-on scene kid style during my very apparent emo child phase, the merch never fit my style. Plus, as we all know, I wore a uniform until 12th grade. So. My merch was virtually useless besides to lounge around my house in.

Some bands, however, do merch well. As you can tell from the frequent appearance of various Cheap Trick shirts on my blog as of late, there's one clear winner in my household full of band merch, both mine and my parents' (okay, an I admittedly like to borrow my brother's Saint Pablo tour hoodie from time to time).
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