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What I Did in Charleston, South Carolina

Bet you thought I'd never leave the northeast! I meandered my way down to Charleston, South Carolina with a long weekend to visit my friend Hannah from The Cleansed Review so she could do my eyeshadow, I could try a southern biscuit, and so I could shop for makeup and skincare in her presence. And to, like, you know, enjoy Charleston and all its historical glory.

I made an entire vlog detailing our trip with some snippets of everything that we did, but I figured maybe doing a blog post about it might also be a great idea because I know for a fact I likely missed something in this video because I'm straight up just not a Vlogger™ yet.

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Where I Ate: 

Where: 120 King Street
What I ate: The Miller's Plate
What I drank: Sherry Spritz

Where: 99 Westedge St 
What I ate: Cereal milk doughnut
What I drank: Iced matcha latte
Fun Francesca Fact: This was a Brooklyn 

Where: 133 Queen Street
What I ate: B.L.T. 

Where: 79 Wentworth Street (Part of The Restoration Hotel)
What I drank: Rosé, baby!
What I ate: Truffle fries
Francesca's Note: We went for Happy Hour so technically not a meal, but the fries were delicious and it was too cute not to mention!

Where: 130 Mill Street
What I drank: Palmetto Spritz
What I ate: Chopped Salad with chicken

Where I Got Coffee: 

Where: 77 Wentworth Street (Part of The Restoration Hotel)
What I drank: Honey lavender latte
What I ate: Chocolate croissant

Where: 4 Vanderhorst Street
What I drank: Iced dirty chai latte

Where: 160 East Bay Street
What I drank: Frozen mint lemonade
Francesca's Note: Not coffee, but they had coffee that I chose not to get because FROZEN MINT LEMONADE!!!!!!!

Where I Shopped:


Where: 282 King Street
What I Bought: Slim Wide Leg Crop in Lunar Wash and Classic Straight Jean


Where: 270 King Street
What I Bought: Candle making workshop and two candles in their scent No. 33


Where: 344 King Street
What I Bought: Indie Lee Clarity Kit


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