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What Did I Love Throughout August?

With the end of a month and the beginning of the new month comes the inevitable from content creators: Favorites videos. I love them, you love them, we all love them. I assume. Even if not, I love them so I'm going to create them and then post them on multiple platforms to #CrossPromoteThatShit. What a hashtag.

I did a full video on my August favorites, which includes a smattering of skincare, bodycare, and fashion pieces. If you fancy a watch, don't you worry, it will be conveniently embedded below for you. But what's the fun in just posting something I've already talked about? Let's kick it up a notch and add some bonus favorites below. You came all the way here, how could I not add a little extra somethin' somethin'?

SPF IS SO IMPORTANT ARE YOU WEARING IT?! I'm big on the SPF train and truthfully, so should everyone. This one is super lightweight, not sticky whatsoever, and adds a little dose of hydration in addition to protection. I love that this is a pump tube and not a squeeze bottle to help control the amount of product I'm dispensing. Did I mention it is lightweight? I feel like that's been a rarity in a lot of the sunscreen I've tried specifically for the face. Plus, this packaging, COME ON!

Literally, if I could have this dispensing on an hourly basis and misted onto my entire body, I would. In all seriousness, this mist is super pleasant to use both just based on the smell and finely dispsensed must but it also helps protect against environmental factors which we all know is huge for me in this disgusting (but still lovely) city of mine. I feel bad using it sometimes because it's so expensive the bottle feels so nice but it's also just really lovely feeling on the skin so I guess I'll just douse myself in it and hope for the best!

I talked about a different kind of acne dots in last month's video and now we're going to chat about these Peace Out Skincare ones. They're pretty similar to the others, though they are admittedly larger, thicker, and less inconspicious. But, they do have salicylic acid in them which is great for breakouts and fighting acne causing bacteria. The blemish fighting ingredients help treat your spots (after they've come to a head, this isn't going to help you with acne that's still hiding under your skin), but also they help me from picking at my spots. It's a bad habit that I'm trying to break and these really help both at covering the spots but also by drawing out the impurities and making them flat and less irritated at the same time.

What did you love during August?


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