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Is This the Best Liquid Eyeliner?

I can guarantee this blog post surprised me more than it surprised you. For once, we are not here to discuss Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner. No, for that liner has now officially been declared dead to me. Today we're talking about a new eyeliner in my life that has, after five or so years, dethroned the Tattoo Liner as the best liquid eyeliner that I have ever used. And if you've read my post about it, A Definitive Ranking of All of the Liquid Eyeliners I've Ever Tried, there were a lot of liners that disappointed me over the years and never managed to dethrone the controversial top pick.

There were many reasons why dethroning that Tattoo Liner was important to me. First, I don't like being dependent on one eyeliner. I wish I could've found something from the drugstore that could stand the test, but alas, I couldn't. Finding a cheaper alternative would have been great, but if you just do a quick Google search on Kat Von D, there's...a lot you will find. Most I knew, admittedly, but pushed aside for one single product. It's not cool, but I'm going to hold myself accountable here.

I digress, the journey to find a replacement for this eyeliner has spanned many years. I've taken recommendations, I've tried to love other eyeliners, but I just never succeeded. Nothing was precise enough, black enough, waterproof enough, the list goes on and on. Alas, I never gave up. I knew one day my time and commitment to finding a new eyeliner would pay off someday, somehow.

Is this all too dramatic for a post about eyeliner? Most likely, but I'm staying on brand here.

We already know what the eyeliner in question is. Well, maybe you don't. I've talked about it multiple times on Instagram Stories and even featured it in a post recently. If it comes as a surprise, you should really be keeping up with me instead of the Kardashians. Just kidding. I don't control your life! Nobody does besides you!

As you can already tell from the photo, I'm talking about the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Way to bury the lead, Francesca! It's not like I went to school for this...oh wait...

My pal Bex, who originally got me hooked on the KVD liner (thanks, binch), recommended that I try this liner out. I'm always down to try new ones, but I know we're both suckers for brush tips, so I trusted her recommendation. This is a super black, matte and waterproof liner. The brush tip is long and thin, which is the perfect combination to get a thin and precise wing. The sharper the wing the better the wing in my world. I don't have any issues with the brush tip getting frayed on this one, which was part of the reason why the NYX Epic Ink Liner never replaced the KVD Tattoo Liner for me.

Did you ever think there was a day in which I would be able to finally replace the holy grail liner in my collection? I genuinely never did, but am beyond words. No, I'm not saving any money which kind of sucks, but the king of the liner collection was finally dethroned. This is an important day in the history of Francesca Gariano and to that, I raise my glass (of iced coffee, it's like...8:30 in the morning, I'm not a heathen).

What's your favorite liquid liner?


  1. Ah so glad to see your review! I've been wondering if this is a good liner, and you are obviously the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to liquid eyeliner. I just bought the ColourPop liner after a recommendation from the second most knowledgeable person I know about liquid liner, so hopefully it lives up to her recommendation!

  2. Okay, I need to try this out! I love the Better Than Sex mascara, so I feel like I'd definitely love the eyeliner too. I'm glad you found a new favorite after so many disappointments!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal


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