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What Did I Love During March?

Okay, so this is less of just a March favorite and more of a December, January, February, and March favorite. If you follow me on Instagram (which like, you should because my Stories are a gift from Satan), you know this bag. You probably know this bag better than I do. I just can't get enough of it, especially since Emily, who was kind enough to snag me this bag, showed me how to shorten the bag to make it the perfect "cropped" crossbody look rather than having it dangle low at my hips. You know what I mean, like when the cool girls wear it up near their waist/ribcage area? Anyways, I think this bag just speaks for itself. The studs spice up the classic chevron pattern of the Love crossbody bags and the silver hardware is the perfect complementary color. Plus, it fits most of my books, which is nice for when I know I'm going to have some time on the train that I can actually sit on (aka when I'm not taking the L) or if I'm going to be out and about with time to kill.

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I've been bad about reading lately. I've been keeping up with my one new book a month, of course, but haven't really felt motivated to read outside of them. But my friend was a gem and gifted me a few books from the imprint she works at and as soon as she told me this book was like a YA version of A Star Is Born, I was sold and picked up it up immediately later that week and read it in two sittings within 24 hours. This book doesn't come out until April 2nd, so gear up to make that order if you're into YA fiction, music, drama, and just a damn good book you don't want to put down. 

Y'all know I'm not a huge fan of books that switch points of view. I generally avoid them, but hey, when it's done well then it's done well and I can get past it. This book seamlessly switched between Clay Coolidge, teen country superstar with a bit (understatement) of a drinking problem and Annie Mathers, a might-as-well-be musical prodigy and daughter of two country superstars with a tragic ending, as they embark on a summer tour together in a last ditch effort for Clay's label to not drop him. And, of course, drama and all of the lovely things in between ensue.

Talking about books is hard for me, so I'm going to spare you all while you have a chance at getting out before I spoil just about everything that happens in this book. But it.

But I am going to put some trigger warnings right about here so if you don't want any spoilers, uh, don't read them I guess! This book does mention alcohol, drugs, depression, death, and suicide. So, if any of those things are triggering to you, you might want to pass.

I feel like I might have mentioned this in my favorites post from last month, but I didn't talk about it in complete detail. Honestly, this brush probably isn't 100% necessary at all, especially given I have two hands and ten fingers that do the job just fine. But there's something just so smooth and lovely about applying my moisturizers, and specifically my overnight moisturizing mask, at night with this brush. It's synthetic and easy to clean, but the smooth bristles glide across my skin and evenly distribute the product where I need it. It's just a fun little tool that stops the products from seeping into my fingers instead of into my skin, which is where I need the products to be.

P.S. This brush comes in a kit. I don't really use the dry exfoliating brush or the lip scrub brush, but I do like the Under Eye Reviver brush as well. I use it after I've applied my eye creams so it glides gently across the skin and cools my undereye area, especially when my dark circles are more apparent.

Kenra Hi-Def Hairspray 16 / Matte Finishing Spray

My haircare routine has a lot of Kenra in it right now and could be a whole post in itself. I just grabbed one of the Kenra hairsprays I've been reaching for recently on the days I decide to curl my hair, which will be more often now that I've gotten my hair dyed by the lovely Nicole from Bumble and Bumble. This hairspray is meant to diffuse light and keep your hair looking nice and matte, which I don't really have a problem with given my hair is super blonde and never really looks "shiny" like silky brown or black hair would. I like it particularly because it obviously sets my hair in place, but since it's "mattifying" I find that it gives my hair a little bit of texture and grit, which I prefer to keep my hair from looking to smooth and "perfect."

Sex and the City 

The number of people who were shocked that I had never seen this show, I swear...Look, I was 3 years old when this show came out and 9 when it ended, of course I didn't see this! In all seriousness, I was too young when it was originally on, then it was only on HBO which we never had, and the same goes for HBO Go. I noticed it was on Amazon Prime a couple of months ago and figured I'd get to it eventually. In an effort to not finish rewatching Gilmore Girls until absolutely necessary, I rewatched the entirety of Friday Night Lights and decided to watch the first episode of Sex and the City to feel it out. 

WHY DIDN'T ANY OF YOU TELL ME THAT THIS SHOW WAS ONLY 22 MINUTE LONG EPISODES? For the longest time, I thought they were the traditional 50 minute long episodes, which is why I put it off for so long and never tried to find it anywhere for free online. I feel betrayed, honestly. This show kills me. I mean, it was a different time for sure and Carrie is the worst and Charlotte annoys the fuck out of me, but Samantha and Miranda are fantastic and I just love watching shit about New York City, even if times are completely different now. I did notice though that my activity on the Tinder app (not IRL, tragically) definitely has increased since watching this show, which I think maybe Samantha would approve of. Charlotte would be disappointed, but hey, that's fine.


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