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6 NYC Spots for Brunch, Lunch, and Coffee

I'm a creature of habit, especially when it comes to food. I'm like kind of a picky eater but not really but also like definitely don't ask my mom or dad if I am because whatever they tell you is probably going to be a lie unless they agere that I am not a picky eater because then that will be the truth. I think all of my teachers and professors of the past are keeling over in pain after that run-on of a sentence, but hey, that's why I didn't go into journalism for my career. #RunOnSentencesForLife

The restaurants I frequent are my favorites for a reason and I feel more comfortable spending my hard earned money some place that I know I will enjoy mostly because I don't get to go out and about as often as I would like. Maybe someday, but for now I have to be smart about what I do with my cash. However, the best way to get myself out to new places is with friends, especially when I lowkey force them to choose places so I don't just automatically suggest we go to Veselka at any possible time during the day literally any day of the week for any meal.

There are a few more I'm missing on this tiny little round-up I'm sharing, but hey, maybe they'll be in the next one. These are just six spots around New York City where I picked up some caffeinated beverages, food, and more caffeinated beverages.

Where: 121 Madison Avenue in the Nomad neighborhood.

What to drink: Warm yourself up with one of their lavendar fog lattes or rose matcha lattes if you need a dose of some 'grammable drinks in your life that aren't too sweet but have a fun, interesting twist on your typical latte.

What to eat: If you're with a friend or even a group and want to try a variety of things and get that classic Instagram shot, order yourself one of their tea tiers. You'll get a selection of sandwiches, avocado and hummus toast, and some brownies, macarons, and strawberries. I've gotten it twice now and know that I prefer their avocado toast, roast turkey sandwich, and the sweets on the top tier. 

Why: It's an Instagram hotspot for a reason. The entire is adorable, their playlists are fantastic, and the prices aren't half bad either. I'll probably pass on the tea tier next time because I don't eat many of the things on it, but it's great if you're into more sandwiches than I am and if you're looking for something out of the ordinary at a cafĂ©. 

Where: 867 Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg

What to drink: Their iced matcha lattes are delicious! Honestly, this is my go-to at any place that carries it so it's no surprise, really. 

What to eat: Their fresh baked goods are really great, especially their chocolate croissants! They also do a great soft-boiled egg with toast. I've heard through the grapevine (aka from Austen who introduced me to this place) that their grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious, I just don't eat them so I'm taking her word for it!

Why: This is a place I've gone to work in during my days off when I don't have to report into the office but don't just want to stay at home. They play good music, it's super spacious, their WiFi is reliable, and it's not crowded by any means so no fighting for a table or for an outlet!

Where: 103 Avenue B in the East Village aka my favorite neighborhood in New York City!

What to drink: Can I get a "coffeecoffeecoffee?" We didn't try out their different array of typical brunch drinks, but I'm always here for some good old fashioned coffee. If it has caffeine, I'm always down.

What to eat: Their brioche french toast was just as delicious as it was beautiful. I don't even think I could finish it. I mean, it was drenched in nutella, I would have assumed that I was in heaven when I was eating it but Niall Horan wasn't there so I assumed I was still on earth.

Why: It's a great cozy place to meet with your friends on the weekend. They also do bottomless mimosas and bloody marys with your meal for $31.95 (bottomless coffee with your meal is $21.95). Beware though, this place is cash only! I repeat, cash only. My friends and I had no idea, luckily their is an ATM right across the street both outside of a bodega and inside so that's what we had to do in shifts when we got there.

Where: 637 Washington Avenue kind of in Prospect Heights, kind of in Crown Heights. You know how New York City neighborhoods are, the borders get muddy.

What to drink: On three, ready? One...two...three...matcha latte. They add a little bit of cinnamon or nutmeg or something on top that gives it a little kick. 

What to eat: We got their acai bowls which were not bad but had a lot of coconut for my taste. Next time I would definitely opt for the avocado toast, I just didn't expect to be eating when I got there and kind of panicked ordered something. The acai was delicious though!

Why: We all like a cute Aussie cafe, right? This place was cute and fairly quiet when my friend and I went, but it was also early afternoon on a super rainy Thursday so it didn't seem like peak hours or weather. Just a heads up though, if you're going to work there, the WiFi is a bit slow! And also it's table service, not order at the register and get your food there. 

Where: 218 Lafayette Street in good ole SoHo! 

What to drink: I'm a sucker for an aperol spritz all year round, baby!

What to eat: I'm not a foodie by any means. Serioulsy, none. But when I tell you that during my meal that I audibly moaned, "THIS IS SO GOOD" an uncomfortable amount of times, I'm not exaggerating. I got the cappelletti, which is ricotta ravioli with proscuitto pieces in this delicious butter sauce. Y'all. Y'ALL. This meal changed me as a person.

Why: It's a bit pricey for me, your residential broke bitch, but it's you're feeling a little bougie and want to celebrate, ball out and get something that going to be incredible.

Where: 100 West Houston Street on the cusp of SoHo and Greenwich Village, not to be confused with The Jane Hotel in the West Village (though I have eaten at their restaurant and it was okay but their drinks were good!)

What to drink: Again with the coffee! I couldn't find anything else to order on the menu in terms of caffeine, so when the waiter offered coffee I jumped at it.

What to eat: Your girl went back to her roots with their avocado toast, though I was tempted by an egg sandwich they had as their special for that day. I also split their rosemary fries with a friend and let me tell you, the combo of the avo toast and the fries with the happiness that coffee gives me was a wonderful experience.

Why: This place was packed, but it felt...normal. It wasn't overly fancy or trying to be anything that it wasn't. It was just a good place to eat and get stuffed and enjoy good conversation! Just make sure to have a reservation, get there early, or be ready to wait!


  1. I would love to head to NYC soon-definitely need to add some of these to my list!

    1. Hope you can make the trip soon! It's a great place to visit :)

  2. I've been missing NYC lately!



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