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My Current Go To Face Masks

It's no secret that I'm a massive face mask fan. Sheet masks, creamy masks, exfoliating masks, you name it, I'm slapping it on my face in hopes to never have problem skin another day in my life. So far, so good as of late. I have a pretty steady rotation of face masks that I've probably talked about separately at some point or another during the past couple of years, so I figured I might as well keep them all in one place. This list is definitely missing a few of my favorites (I miss you, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask) but there's only so much you can do when you run out of the product but can't financially justify purchasing another when you have something that does something similar. That being said, here are a few full-sized and sample masks that I've been using pretty frequently lately that deserve a little light shone on them.

* This post contains affiliate links as well as products I was gifted for review. All opinions are, and always will be my own *

This mask is meant to hydrate your skin and make it look dewy and youthful. It also smoothes skin to make it appear softer. I just really like that this mask gets warm when you rub it on your face. Don't worry, it's supposed to do that. But in all seriousness, honey is great for your skin, especially acne prone skin (like mine!) because it is naturally antibacterial. Also, it has my favorite, antioxidants! This just means it's good for anti-aging and I find good for fighting off the reaction my skin gets to the nastiness in the New York City air. All and all, I like breaking out this mask for that nice warming sensation and to make my skin feel soft, smooth, and smell very briefly like sweet, sweet honey.

Sleeping masks are a saving grace. They're so much more than just moisturizers you slap on at night. This one hydrates and helps with the appearance of fuller skin. It also does a bit of brightening and brings a natural glow to your skin because, duh, it's hydrated. I use this mask religiously at night, especially when I can feel it starting to get tight and dry when the temperature starts to drop.

Y'all just heard me rant and rave about the Herbivore Lapis Oil and now we're going to talk about another Blue Tansy rich product from the brand. This super liquidy mask clarifies acne prone skin to help soothe the appearance of redness, which is half the battle when it comes to acne. This jar is a pain in the ass to open, but it's well worth it for the product inside. I use this when my skin is having a rough patch or right before my period when I know it's going to be a little rough for a few days.

This mask is supposed to do just what the name says: clear your complexion. It helps minimizes pores and create clearer skin by lifting away dirt and other skin congestants to make your skin look like and healthy. You can also use it on redness, scars, razors bumps, and ingrown hairs apparently in addition to acne, which I have not tried at all. I don't use a lot of activated charcoal masks anymore, but this one is pretty pleasant in terms of using it. It's not super messy or thick and doesn't hurt like hell when I go to remove it. GlamGlow things are a bit pricy so I'm not sure if I'd drop the cash for a full sized version, but I got this as a VIB perk and I believe they sell smaller jars of it so you can test it out without committing to the full-size.

I like this mask because it's pink. That's partially a joke, partially the aesthetically pleasing truth. I'm also just a massive fan of Origins in general (fun fact, they're the first "high end" skincare brand I tried in high school because my skin had gotten used to everything from the drugstore and I hadn't seen a dermatologist yet. This is a purifying mask that is meant to draw out impurities and exfoliate the skin to refine your skin's texture and promote radiance. I haven't used this enough to notice massive differences, but I'm also a 23-year-old whose only true skin problem is acne and a bit of scarring so noticing that my skin is dull or lacking in brightness isn't a huge concern of mine right now. Did I mention that this mask is pink?

THIS IS A SUPER MASK. I bought this on a recommendation from Hannah from The Cleansed Review and while I love everything she recommends to me, this is by far my favorite. This mask was a huge part in my skin transition journey after I moved to the city because of that big a-word: antioxidants. This mask is meant to provide your skin with multiple benefits like redness and inflammation caused by the environment (cough cough, dirty city air and pollution) to detoxify, decongest, and de-stress your skin. This didn't completely eradicate all of my acne, namely my hormonal acne around my mouth. But it did severely calm down the inflammation and acne that was appearing on my cheeks because that's where pollution causes breakouts to occur. I love this mask with my whole life. The only downside is that it's so smooth that it becomes a bit difficult to take off but it's not even that big of a deal tbh.

Remember Hannah? The Hannah who recommend me the Boscia mask? Well, she also pushed this mask on me. It was my first foray into ~expensive~ face masks and I got it for a Christmas present because I wasn't sure how I felt about dropping that much money on a face mask. Kathy G came in clutch with this gift and let me use my Sephora card to get the points for it. That name sounds super intense but it's not...however, it's also not your typical "leave it on forever" face mask either. This mask uses a combination of crystals, enzymes, and acids to chemically exfoliate your skin and make it appear smoother and more radiant. If you have sensitive skin, I probs would use this. But if you have tougher and acne prone skin, I would absolutely recommend this.

I'm a slut for sheet masks, what can I say? This one is especially interesting because it's gel and not a typical paper-y sheet. It smells delicious, leaves my skin incredibly smooth, and mostly just makes my skin look like it's covering in a sheet of water rather than the Sheet Mask Monster I typically become when I try to quickly fix my skin with a mask that doesn't require washing off. It's a great quick fix for dry, tired, and dull skin!

What face mask are you loving the best right now?


  1. I LOVE the GlamGlow mask!! It is definitely my holy grail at the moment. I have heard so many great things about the pumpkin one. It's on my list!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

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