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January 2019 Beauty Favorites

*This post contains affiliate links*

I received this product for free from Influenster, conveniently one week before I sent my Christmas list to my godmother which included the original YSL Opium perfume on it. I've been smelling the original perfume in Sephora stores for months, but I try to keep my fragrance buying at a minimum considering I have so many rollerballs I haven't used yet and have picked up a few samples from work along the way that have filled any voids in my collection. It's been on my mind though, so getting the updated, muskier version of the fragrance was a happy surprise before the holidays. 

As I usually do when discussing fragrances, I'm going to take some notes directly from the description on Sephora's website because I Am Trash. It's in the warm and spicy fragrance family and has notes of coffee (YES, COFFEE!!!!), orange blossom, and absinthe, which really just sounds like a super wild night that continued into a boozy brunch the next morning. What does all of this mean, exactly? To me, it means that it smells really nice and makes my un-alluring ass feel a little bit sexier. It has mixed reviews online and most people like the original more because it's sweeter, so if you don't like heavier scents, maybe pass? To me this isn't that heavy though. Heavy to me is that god awful Tom Ford orchid perfume or whatever that I tested out of curiosity.

My advice with perfume is to always test it out in store and see how it wears with your skin. Perfumes smell different on everyone because of the oils in our skin, etc and also we're all unique individuals with different tastes and senses so.... /endrant.

Y'all know I'm a slut for a neutral eye palette and this Sleek one fulfills all of my bronze dreams. I'm always here for brown-ish neutrals that help me achieve the exact same eye look day after day and ends up covered mostly by my eyeliner and lashes. They're pigmented, long-lasting, and you can achieve different looks for different moods. I can do a super simple eye look for the day time or darken things up a bit for a slightly more sultry look at night. It's mainly shimmery shades, so if you're a matte person then maybe look elsewhere. The only shade in this palette that I don't love is one of the metallic topaz/champagne shades and it's mainly because I have a super similar color from Anastasia that is less chunky and easier to blend out. 

I'm going to speak directly to my friend Aly who may or may not be reading this post right now. Remember that time that I talked you out of buying the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms for almost the entirety of our friendship in high school and college because it seemed too expensive for just a lip balm? I take this back entirely and am so sorry I deprived you of this godsend for so long. 

Big shoutout to Austen for giving me this as a little birthday surprise to celebrate my being a Scorpio. I'm admittedly not a lip balm person, which is strange for someone who wears lipstick literally every single day and used to have a huge penchant for really dark and matte lip colors which require hydrated and non-flaky lips. Now more than ever I find myself reaching for lip balms every night and any time during the day that I don't have any other lip products on my lips. This one is super smooth, smells incredible, and doesn't end up leaving my lips insanely dry after time because my lips start to crave it. I prefer lip balms that come in a twist-up tube like this rather than ones that one in a little mini tub or a squeeze tube. Really, anything that doesn't require me to have the product on my grubby little hands before I apply them to my mouth is preferred.

I rarely paint my fingernails anymore, but I have this color on my toes currently and it reignited my love for this color. It's the perfect deep autumnal and winter tone for your nails. It's almost black but not quite, the perfect dark aubergine (aubergine? she's so's fucking eggplant) that coordinates so well with my soul. It's also like, you know, super opaque in just a coat or two and lasts decently long if you're not a total klutz like me.

What were some of your favorites in January?


  1. I'm so glad you're loving the Fresh lip balm! I love my Virgo one (although I have temporarily misplaced it)


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