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How I Would Decorate My Room If I Knew How to Decorate

One skill I do not possess in life is the ability to properly decorate. If you saw my room now, other than my prized stack of pink books on my desk, my room is basically undecorated. I have like, two candles I use as decor with nothing on the walls and my build in shelves used strictly as storage. Even in my previous apartment, I had a few prints hung on my wall and that was about it. I had some posters in college and maybe some string lights, but that was about the extent that my decorating would go. 

It's kind of like cooking to me. I can do the bare minimum and then anything that gets more complicated than like, pasta with garlic and oil or putting a print on a wall and I get lost. I can stare at pretty interiors all day but to me, it just seems unachievable. Part of the reason is probably that I don't want to put the money into it because I go through so many phases in my life with literally everything that I don't trust myself to pick (a) timeless pieces or (b) pieces that I won't just get sick of two weeks later like I do with everything else. 

But just because I'm a lost cause, that doesn't mean I can't peruse the internet for inspiration. If I was a better, less cheap person, this is 100% what I would want in my apartment at all times. Or at least for now...

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