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Beauty Favorites from October | OFRA, Living Proof, & More

Let's just dive right into the favorites, right? No rambling intro trying to set up what this is. We know what these posts are so we're going to chat about some of my favorite beauty products from October!

First and foremost, if I don't talk about the OFRA Glow Up Highlighter Palette, I'd be disappointing myself and the highlighting gods. This in combination with my Laura Mercier Glow Translucent Powder is one of the two reasons why my face has been its most glorious dewy and glowing self. These highlighters are mega pigmented, have an incredible sheen, and work with any look that you're planning. I use the three single shades more often than not, but I love that I have the option to try to get a concentrated color in the pinwheel highlighter option, which I've also just used all together for a nice neutral highlight.

Plus, I've used almost all of these as eyeshadow at some point to add some extra dimension to my look and my god, do they perform

Listen guys, I'm not even going to lie, using this dry shampoo has allowed me to go five days without washing my hair. Five days. I used to only be able to do two, and then when I moved here I could start doing three, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have not only second or third-day hair, but fifth-day hair. If you think styling second-day hair is great, oh boy you are in for a treat when you add a few days to that.

This is a loose powder dry shampoo instead of an aerosol spray, which I was a little weary of only because the loose powders I've used in the past really weighed down my roots and made my hair feel super dirty and heavy. But, as someone who doesn't wash their hair as often to keep my color fresh, I'll still try just about any dry shampoo just to see what it does and how it performs. 

This one, quite frankly, blew me out of the water. I've used it overnight like I do with a lot of my other dry shampoos before day three to soak up the oils overnight, I've used it first thing in the morning when I forgot to do it the night before, it all works the same and gets rid of any ounce of oil that you don't want visible in your hair. It's super lightweight, doesn't leave that much of a residue (you still have to shake it out and work it in with your fingers though, it's not totally invisible, even against my blonde hair). It doesn't have a strong scent either, so it's a great neutralizing scent when it comes to your haircare products.

I'm finally reunited with my baby! I used this spray for yearsss back in my early college days and then I ran out and never repurchased after, which was a sad day indeed for me. I can't use sea salt sprays because they make my hair feel like crunchy garbage, but I need to use a texturizing spray when I curl my hair because it just looks too prim and proper when I don't. I'm all about beachy looking waves, not straight up smooth curls. This spray gives my hair that naturally tousled look without making it sticky or crunchy to the point where I can't even run my fingers through it anymore. 

I just spray a few pumps onto my hands and rub them together before I basically scrunch my cooled down curls to loosen them up and deconstruct them a bit. It also helps my curls last longer because sometimes just hairspray isn't enough to stop the random humid days or sweaty subway rides when the heat it blasting during the winter.

Talking about scents is not my forte, so just bear with me for the next two products. Up first scent wise is a little sample from Scentbird of the Extraordinary Tulip perfume from Atelier Bloem which is apparently a $200 perfume?!?! Like what? 

As you can imagine, this is a super floral scent but it's not like a revolting, elderly floral (not that old people are revolting know what I mean). From what I'm reading, all of its top and mid notes are florals and the "drydown" has some more rich and musky smells, which really balance it out and stop it from being too overpowering in the floral department. I really like this for a crisp morning and I think I'll enjoy it even more in the spring too!

Acqua di Parma Chinotto di Liguria

Nothing I say about this perfume is going to live up to its true glory, but just know that I love this perfume very much and it is also approved by my mom and dad who also share a bottle of this. This is a new scent from Acqua di Parma which just launched this year that really takes Italy and citrus to a new level. This perfume is an Italian summer (not that I know what that feels or smells like but work with me here) in a bottle. It's a super fresh scent while still maintaining it's citrus and fruity smell. As I said, even my mom and dad who don't really care about beauty products all that much both love their bottle and come on, just look at it. Even if this is totally a summer scent, I like to wear it more often than not because why keep myself in a fragrance box, right?

What were you loving in the month of October?


  1. I absolutely love Ofra highlighters and Living Proof is in my top 3 favorite haircare brands of all time! Love their shampoo and conditioner!

    1. I need to try more Living Proof products! I've only tested out this texturizing spray so I feel like I'm definitely missing out!


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