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Six Months in NYC

Guys, can you believe that I missed my own six month anniversary of living in New York City? I mean, honestly, you probably could have. I would miss my own birthday if I still didn't receive a few meager "happy birthday!" messages on Facebook and didn't get notifications from Starbucks to redeem my free drink so I can splurge on something with soy milk in it because usually I'm too cheap and deal with the stomachache that follows from drinking regular milk instead of dishing out an extra dollar or so to ensure that my lactose intolerance doesn't kick in. Where were we? Oh yeah, I've been living in the city for six freaking months

This isn't a huge milestone but it's half a year and honestly, I'm dramatic, any amount of time is a long amount of time to me. Ironically enough, I was actually in Chicago for the weekend on my actual 6 month anniversary (I moved on March 30th, in case you were wondering). So, I might be a little late on this anniversary but when am I ever not late? Perpetual lateness is *Shawn Mendes voice* in my blood.

I think I'm supposed to reflect on my time here so far but honestly, it feels like no time has passed at all. I have no idea how I went from being a fake college student in the spring of 2017 after graduating a semester early to moving home and staying there for ten months while I tried to sort out my financial situation and find a job remotely that made sense for me to actually being in the city for over six months. It felt like it happened in a blink of an eye, even when that ten month period of complete frustration seemed to crawl by at a glacial pace. All I gotta say is that sometimes there are rough periods that seem endless, but someway, somehow, even a slow crawl later, you can make it out to the other side. My other side, as it seems, was the bustling trash chute that is New York City. 

I'm kidding, I love you New York. But you're a little dirty. Who doesn't love the fresh smell of the city streets as you emerge from the subway station, especially on a humid day post-rain in the morning? We love a city that reeks of urine and hot garbage even when it's not hot out. New York isn't perfect and it doesn't pretend to be. Or at least, people shouldn't pretend that it is.

It's dirty, it's crowded, it's expensive as hell. But it's also full of life and culture and the best fucking bagels you'll ever have and honestly, the latter is enough of a trade-off for all of the bad things about this city. The bagels make up for all of the financial bros, the near-death moments on the train when you almost get kicked in the head by one of the subway dancers in the middle of your commute, even for the Rodents of Unusual Size you see scuffling around the city in the shadows. I swear to god, I saw a whole ass shrew charging some girls at Bryant Park once upon a time out of the corner of my eye and I felt like I was living out the scene in The Princess Bride

I've danced through the streets after dark with pals after nights at karaoke. I've consumed pizza mid-walk because who has time to wait for a spot to open anywhere? I've taken the wrong trains (multiple times) and ended up parts of Brooklyn that I didn't even know existed (this literally happened to me on Wednesday trying to get to the Lower East Side after maps lied to me!). I've cried walking back from the Apple Store on Prince Street. I've almost cried on the subway. Multiple times. I've gone on good dates, I've gone on bad dates, I've met new friends and old friends. 

But most importantly, I've seen so many corgis and my heart could not be happier.

The journey to NYC was a long one that I am very glad that is over. Not that living here is without its struggles as well. Let me tell ya, things don't get easier after the stressful planning. Sometimes things don't work out like you thought they will, which is just a part of life that I still believe is stupid because the universe messing up my plans is just plain rude! Part of me just wants to pick up my expensive handbag and smack the shit out the universe while screaming, "Don't be fucking rude!" but I believe the Kardashians have already pegged that dramatic moment as their own.

Listen, I get it.

The city isn't for everyone and I don't pretend that it is. But, with all certainty, I can say that the city is for me, which is a relief. Not sure I could give up the bagels, the corgis, or the views. But mostly the first two.

Sweater: Target
Pants: Lilith
Jacket: Who knows!
Sneakers: Adidas
Hat: Epoch


  1. Too funny about FB and Starbucks reminding you of your bday! I'm the same way! I loved hearing about your time in NY!


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