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6 Basic Brunches in New York City

I love brunch as much as the next girl living it up in New York City, but I also have a habit of hitting up basic brunch spots and getting the same exact thing. Spoiler alert: I consume a lot of avocado toast during brunch because (1) I eat enough bagels on a daily basis so I avoid those at all costs and (2) anything two sweet is usually something I can somehow accomplish myself at home i.e. French toast and pancakes. Avocado toast is just one thing that I've yet to completely master so I leave it to the pros.

If you already live in the city, chances are you've hit up one of these at some point in your life if not every single one of them. I'm basic, loud and proud, so there's nothing too out of the ordinary on this list. Whether you need someplace near the water in Williamsburg or down in Lower Manhattan, there's something for everyone...or at least everyone who loves avocado toast and caffeine!

Where: 401 West 25th Street (Chelsea)
362 2nd Avenue (Gramercy)

What I Got: Smashing Avocado

What I Drank: Hot Latte

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Belgian Waffle, Fluffy Chocolate Pancakes, Rosé Mimosa, and Matcha Latte

Where: 138 North 8th Street (Williamsburg)
151 Elizabeth Street (Nolita)

What I Ate: Avo & Egg and hashbrowns

What I Drank: Hot Flat White and Blood Orange Mimosa

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Sausage Egg & Cheese, Chai French Toast, Watermelon Margarita, and Panatea Matcha Almond Latte

Where: 19 Kenmare Street (Nolita)
581 Hudson Street (West Village)
271 Metropolitan Avenue (Williamsburg)

What I Ate: Smashed Avocado Toast and Roasted Potato Hash

What I Drank: Iced Matcha Latte and Cold Brew Iced Coffee

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Triple Berry French Toast, Weekend Waffles, Egg Sandwich Platter, and Blood Orange Mimosa

Where: 57 Pearl Street (DUMBO)

What I Ate: Avocado Toast and Homefries

What I Drank: Hot Cappuccino

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich (no cheese, of course), Chocolate Croissant, Blueberry Scone, and a Hot Macchiato

Where: 348 Wythe Avenue (Williamsburg)

What I Ate: Avocado Toast and Long Island Home Fries

What I Drank: Iced Matcha Latte

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Cinnamon Squash Scone, Malted Pancakes, Egg & Sausage Sandwich, and Champagne Problems

Where: 144 2nd Avenue (East Village)

What I Got: Potato Pancakes and Fried Egg Sandwich on a bagel with Sausage

What I Drank: Mimosa

What Sounds Good For Next Time: Challah French Toast and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Where's your favorite place to brunch?


  1. I am starting a new job in NYC soon and need lots of places to check out -- I love a good brunch so I will be adding these to my list of places to try!

    1. AHHH! Congratulations! You'll stumble across so many gems in the city! :)

  2. I recently had brunch at Jacob's Pickles and it was amazing! Definitely give it a try if you haven't been!!
    xo /

  3. Citizens of Chelsea is amazing!!! Egg Shop and Butcher's Daughter are both on my list for next time I visit NYC, so many great food spots!!

    1. There are too many good food spots to keep track of half of the time!


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