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Why My Everyday Makeup Routine Has Never Changed

As much as I love having fashion-centric content on this blog, it's not always feasible with my schedule to have endless amounts of content to fit in with my schedule. Regardless, one of my other loves is beauty and I like to sprinkle in posts from time to time talking about the products I've been trying, my "holy grails," and everything in between. When I sat down–or more accurately, stood at an awkward angle over my set-up on my desk chair in an uncomfortable position as to not disturb the natural light coming through my window–to take these photos, I didn't think much of it. I thought it would just be an updated everyday makeup routine. 

And then I imported the photos and edited them. It hit me when I was putting them together in this post that this is the same as every other everyday makeup post or routine that I've ever posted on my blog or my YouTube channel. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my makeup. Sure, I wear a dramatic winged eyeliner every day and I like playing around with my lipstick colors. But when it comes time to try new things? Eh, I'm not exactly on the forefront of those creative decisions.

I'm a creature of habit through and through and it clearly shows through my everyday makeup routine. I could go out on a limb and call it my signature look, but come on, I'm a 22-year-old intern, not a celebrity. I don't have the street cred to have a signature look. That's giving myself a lot of credit where credit is not due. I'm self-aware guys, it's okay.

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My makeup every day consists of all of the same elements. I always wear a tri-layer of cream products starting with the same CoverGirl foundation that I've been using since my freshmen year of college. I disguise my undereye circles with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and suffocate whatever acne and redness decides to pop up from time to time with the Maybelline Master Conceal and BOOM, I turn myself from a slightly red tired looking human to looking like the moon emoji with absolutely no definition to my now entirely evenly colored face.

I'll set my undereye concealer with whatever loose powder I'm using at the moment to keep it from slipping and sliding all over the place and exposing me for the sleepless heathen that I am. And then it's time for eyeshadow which is always either one of these three combinations: (1) matte taupes and browns (2) metallic champagne with hints of bronze and deeper bronzes or (3) a very subtle light pink/champagne combo with, you guessed it, taupes or browns in the crease. It never changes. I'll never wear something that's not neutral. You're not going to catch me in a smokey eye, ever. Even if I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, you're never going to see it being dramatic. My personality is dramatic enough, I don't need to add heavy eye makeup to make it worse. 

And then as quickly as I coat my eye with whatever nude powders, I cover it all up with my winged eyeliner so you can only see what's in my crease and a tiny amount of my lid. So glad I spent all that time blending! 

I used to be terrified of my face being anything but matte #OilySkinStruggles. Now I basically put glorified highlighting ("light diffusing") powders all over my face in hopes that if I step out into the sun, everyone will have traumatizing flashbacks to Twilight and we'll all be living our lives miserably as if it were 2007 again. You're welcome!

Right now I switched to my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder Glow that I was gifted but my forever favorite will be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which I've screamed about far too often on all of my social media platforms. Hourglass, you're gonna have to start paying me soon if I mention it again. Kidding! I'll do it for free if I can fake the illusion of looking like I have okay-ish skin and some kind of an allure to trick men. Because that's what makeup does, right? Tricks men? Because we all look like the witches from Hocus Pocus without ALL OF THIS MAKEUP ON RIGHT? Let's just take out first dates out on a rainy night so we can see them for the OGRE THEY TRULY ARE.

(If you're new here, that was sarcasm)

(And a lot of it)

(Get used to it)

After my eyeliner, everything happens so fast after it, mostly because I probably accidentally took fifteen minutes to do my eyeliner because I'm the human epitome of a garbage can and I like to make sure that it's beyond the point of precise. This is how the rest of my routine looks compared to that: SettingpowdercontourbronzerblushhighlighterDONE! It happens that quick, y'all. I define those cheekbones and try to make my nose look somewhat slimmer which doesn't actually work but I pretend it does to make myself feel better. I put some blush and bronzer on to trick everyone into thinking I'm actually Italian until they look at my pale ass legs and arms. Then I put too much highlighter on so I can signal the planes flying over New York City to safely land at JFK or LaGuardia. Oh, and then I do my brows, of course. Those go on last because they're the true star of the show. The last are certainly not the least in this case. They're my BABIES!

And then, of course, I do mascara and lipstick and BAM I'M RUNNING LATE BUT AT LEAST I'M READY!

What's your favorite part of your everyday makeup routine?


  1. my makeup never changes too! I always stuck with What works for me, btw great post!


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