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I'd Love It If We Made It | July Playlist

Now did you really think I'd forget my July playlist? Look, I do these playlists every month because I like music and talking about music and they make me happy! I've started to listen to my Discover Weekly playlists more regularly again and scroll endlessly through my suggested music to try to find new songs and artists to devote my life to listen to. This month has been pretty rainy, which usually means that I'm listening to some more chill music as opposed to the usual Bops™ that I lean towards during the summer. It depends on my mood and the weather and my disposition at the moment. I definitely try to tailor my music to my mood to hashtag keep it consistent!

In terms of artists, Lily Moore and Charlotte Lawrence and two mega babes that I've been listening to this month. They're both fairly new artists with a few singles released, so hop onto the train early because these gals are going to be stars. I'm super obsessed with "17" by Lily Moore and "Just the Same" by Charlotte Lawrence, but there are quite a few other songs by these gems of humans on the playlist as well. What can I say, if I like something, I gotta have it in multiple colors or in this case, multiple songs.

The love of my life Niall Horan also released a new song this month for the movie Smallfoot called "Finally Free" and it's no surprise that I'm totally endeared by it. It's a super sweet and folksy upbeat song, something that you would completely expect from that little leprechaun of a man. Speaking of Niall Horan...I've also had a weird obsession with a remix of "Steal My Girl" by One Direction that is way too long of a title to write out, but it's like a funky 80s remix that literally gives me life and puts me in the best mood. Of course it does though, we all know I'm a sucker for One Direction even to this day. #1DTrashForLife

The band Wet also came out with a new album this month which is just as fabulous as their debut album. I like "You're Not Wrong" a lot, it's got some spunk and pizazz to it. This album is definitely a little more light and upbeat than their first album, but don't you worry, if you need those rainy day songs, Wet still has your back. And really, who would I be if I didn't talk about the name of this blog post..."Love It If We Made It" is the 1975's latest single and it makes me feel things. I don't even know what kind of things but the first time I heard it I was a little shook. It doesn't do to me what "Robbers" does to me but it mimics the feeling that I get when I listen to "Sex" (also by the 1975). I can't describe the way I feel but just know that this song 100% got the most love this month because I tend to just have it on repeat obsessively until I'm all up in my own feelings.

What were some of your favorite songs in July?


  1. I love stumbling upon new music like this!


    1. Me too! I always find the best music through other people :)


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