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Testing Six New Beauty Products

It's that time of month again (well, it's also that time of month as well) where I feel like I've been testing out some new products long enough to actual talk about them somewhat in depth instead of just basing my opinions off of first impressions. Unless something makes you break out into hives or gives you a weird rash, I feel like it's unfair to make a snap judgement on it until you test it out a few more times on different days to get a better feel for it. Most of this stuff I've been using for a few weeks, if not longer, so I think at this point if I really truly had an issue with them, I would've noticed by now.

Ready to chat about some makeup, skincare, and some other random beauty bits that don't really fit into either category? Let's drop! *"Shake It" by Metro Station starts to blare loudly in the background*

*This post contains affiliate links*

So, yes, I did talk about this mask in my May Favorites video because it was a favorite last month and still continues to be. I've said this a million times already and it's starting to get old, but my skin freaked out when I moved to the city (I'm assuming because of stress and all of the nonsense in the air with all of the cars and buses and just all around grossness and pollutants) and I've been breaking out ever since. So, I reached out to my skincare guru, miss Hannah from The Cleansed Review, and asked what I could do to fix this issue. She gave me a couple of recommendations but obviously for financial reasons, I only picked a couple to test out for now to see if they made any difference in my skin.

The first was this Boscia Matcha Mask which is packed with antioxidants that help revive stressed and tired skin. It reduces redness and inflammation that's caused by the environment while also lending its detoxifying, decongesting, and de-stressing properties. Just cleansing twice on a daily basis wasn't cutting it when it comes to all of the dirt and grime that I'm sure gets trapped on my face on a daily basis when I'm out in Manhattan during the week for work and am constantly taking the subway. I really, really like this mask. I use it about once a week, sometimes twice if I spread out the days. It's not something that's going to get rid of my acne, especially my hormonal acne, but I've noticed that the spots on my cheeks have reduced both in frequency and size (if you check out face charts for acne, they say that spots on your cheeks can be linked to pollution and the air that comes in contact with your face). It's a really comfortable mask to wear and I love the way it detoxes my skin without making me feel like I've been stripped of all of my natural oils.

This was another recommendation from Hannah, mostly because I'm pretty sure that someday hopes I will own all skincare products from Sunday Riley. Which, honestly, if the price wasn't an issue, I totally would. I stuck with just this one product from Sunday Riley because sulfur is supposed to be great for acne and zapping away even those stubborn zits that seem like actual planets on your face and not just some acne. 

Basically, this mask is a 10% sulfur treatment mask that will both fight current breakouts as well as prevent future ones from appearing. It treats blocked and congested pores, inflammatory acne, hormonal acne (my main issue in life), and acne rosacea. You can either use this as a mask on your spots for about 15 minutes and wash it off or it says you are also able to use it as a spot treatment overnight. I don't dislike this product by any means. It's worked on some of my spots for sure, but I find that it's not quite as effective on the hormonal acne that I experience around my mouth as I would like. It does also tend to give me dry patches that I can't always exfoliate away if I use it multiple nights in a row, even as a mask and not a spot treatment, which can be really annoying because it's most effective when it's used in succession and not just a one off treatment. It has worked on those one off spots though and I definitely notice a decrease in the size of the big planets that form on my cheeks from time to time, which is very much appreciated.

I still just have a deluxe sample of this that I got in an online order from Sephora, but I was inspired by, you guessed it, Hannah's post about it (this post is not sponsored by Hannah, I promise). I don't think I've ever experienced a mascara that feels so weightless yet still somehow makes my lashes both blacker, longer, and fuller. It's what would seem like an impossible situation, and yet even after two coats of mascara, I don't notice any irritating crunch or dryness in my lashes. They still feel like normal but look ten times better than they do without anything on them (curse you, blonde eyelashes!)

Elizabeth Arden 2-in-1 Cleanser

I'm not sure if there is much that I'm really able to say about this cleanser. I picked it up at TJ Maxx when I first moved to to the city on a whim because, well, you guys know that when I start to shop, I can't stop myself. It's basically just a combination of a cleanser and a toner meant for all skin types. Is it the best cleanser I've ever used? Probably not, but it's also not terrible. It's got creamy milky texture with a bit of pearlescent finish that I just slather onto damp skin. It does, however, do a pretty good job at removing a decent amount of my face makeup. I ran out of my beloved cleansing balm from The Body Shop, so I was worried that nothing was going to live up to it. But so far, I've been pretty impressed with this cleanser for how much I paid for it.

Pretty sure this is discontinued but you might be able to find it on discount at TJ Maxx or one of the Cosmetics Company Store, which is like an outlet for higher end makeup. 

Okay, this is where things get tricky. I was technically sent one of each of these from Influenster, but I also got some goodies from a rep who was at an event that we hosted. So. I got these for free, but my opinions are my always...because really, who has time to lie about this shit? So, I'm sure you've seen on social media, but Clarins has this #TeamSassy and #TeamSweet campaign going on for their two lip launches: a water based lip stain and a "comfort" oil. 

The Water Lip Stain is just what it sounds like. It kind of reminds me of a much more pigmented version of Benetint from Benefit. It smells incredible and applies very, very liquidy, so I would be careful around the corners of your lips. I personally have to apply a few coats for it to be the shade that I want it to be, but it's a really gorgeous cherry red shade that's perfect for the summer months. As for wear time, well, I started growing less impressed with it. While it's super easy to reapply (you need a mirror though, which can be a hassle), I do find that it breaks down pretty easily when you're eating and drinking, even if the formula has dried down on your lips and isn't super wet like when you apply it. But I find the concept so nice and the formula so comfortable that I'm willing to sacrifice the need for longevity for the comfort and color. I just don't wear this on days where reapplying it will be a hassle because the last thing I want is for a dark ring of red around my lips with a faded out center.

The Light Lip Comfort Oils are...just like they sound. They're kind of a sticky glossy that you apply to your lips for a hint of color and a dose of hydration. They're like a thicker version of the Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-In-Oil but have the same kind of glossy finish. I like these for a casual day on the weekends or a lazy day during the week, but I do prefer more color and pigmented in my lip products. I also don't love glossy or tacky finishes. My hair gets stuck to them and I also just prefer matte to begin with. However, if you're a lover of a sheer wash of color and a lip product that's actually comfortable to wear, I think you've found your winner in this product. These also smell incredible, which I know isn't a huge deal, but I just love when things smell nice, especially when they're on your lips and near your nose.

What new beauty products have you been trying out?


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