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Sheer Brilliance

No, the title of this blog post does not have anything to do with my own intelligence or cleverness. It is, indeed, just one of those blogger play on words about my sheer blouse that's showing off my bralette like it's going out of business. This isn't an outfit I would've ever worn two year ago, maybe not even a year ago, but here I am, walking around in black denim cut-offs and a sheer shirt that's showing off my semi-annual find from the summer Victoria's Secret sale. The things a new environment and life can do for you...

If you follow me on Instagram (seriously, follow me on Instagram if you're a fan of dumb, long captions and the occasional Instagram Stories spam about nothing), you might have seen my ramble about my complicated relationship with shorts. To put it bluntly: I don't love myself in them. I do, however, love these shorts that I grabbed from Awoke Vintage over in Williamsburg. I got a second pair of shorts there as well, which was super unplanned and probably a bit excessive, but I only own one pair of denim shorts and they are about two sizes too big on me. The sales girl was so helpful and nice and made sure I got the sizes I needed, which made the experience trying them on and buying them so much better. 

I got the shirt and shorts on the same day, actually, both from secondhand stores in Brooklyn. The sheer shirt was an accidental find from Beacon's Closet and was one of the three things I left the store with that day. I'm not a huge blouse person, but I need to be because they're so cute and versatile. I was nervous about its sheerness, but as soon as I grabbed it off of the rack, I immediately knew that I could wear it with a black bralette and a little dose of self-confidence. So, ya know, I did it? I'm wearing it in these photos and actually wore it all day while I walked through Central Park, explored The Met, and got my beloved La Esquina tacos while I was on the UES (I'm aware there are other locations, but when you're not that far from one of the's like, law that you go) and then wandered around Williamsburg for arguably too long.

This shirt could easily be worn with a black camisole underneath. I just don't currently own one, so to avoid my entire boobs being on display, a bralette was a simple solution to the sheer issue. Is sheerness an issue? I wouldn't consider it in this case, as it's legit a sheer blouse and not like a lined dress that's meant to be opaque but is made so poorly that it's still somehow sheer. What was I talking about?

Top: Secondhand from Beacon's Closet in Greenpoint
Bra: Victoria's Secret
Shorts: Bongo from Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg
Sneakers: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Dior
Bag: Saint Laurent from Cleveland Consignment Shoppe

It's been a hot second since I included some bloopers in one of my outfit photos, which means I'm clearly not taking enough shots or having enough fun while I'm shooting! Sharing the outtakes that aren't supposed to make the blog is my all time favorite thing to do, so enjoy three of the many of shots that should probably have been deleted but instead were included in my import onto Lightroom and export to my fashion folder. Sometimes you just can't take yourself too seriously...


  1. Firstly, I love this look - it's very subtly sexy and those shorts are to die for!
    Secondly, I love doing blooper photos! They're always so much fun and I feel like they show a lot more personality than the normal posed photos haha.

    xo, Deborah
    < Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. I really love this outfit - I think the bralette was a good choice! Also love all of the blooper photos, those often end up being the ones I use haha

  3. You are killing this look! I love the outfit itself (I love the subtly sheer and flowy shirt), but the confidence that you have wearing them! It really takes feeling comfortable in your environment and your life to gain that confidence you never had before. For me, I would have never worn a crop top until I came to college and got this amazing sense of self love with my body. I love your blog so much and am so excited to see wear you go now that you are in NYC and slaying at life.

    - Jax (


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