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See Me In A New Light | May Playlist

This month was not a good month for music for me. I don't think I realized how much music I didn't listen to this month until I just looked at this playlist and nearly fell out of my chair. 22 songs? What is this nonsense? I don't mess around with playlists that are under 70 songs. I know this all is totally because this month has just been absolute insanity what with it being my second month of work and also, you know, the month I moved into my first apartment. My life has just been a series of ordering furniture online, making runs to Target and the grocery store, and assembling furniture (aka sometimes holding up pieces for my roommate while she builds literally everything). I barely had time to call my mom (sorry mom!), let alone find new music to listen to.

So, my May playlist is suffering a little...

Let's pray for a musical revival next month because I refuse to give up my monthly playlists. They are my baby, even if I think that me and my dad might be the only two people who read these posts. It's okay!

Most notably, Shawn Mendes' new album came out this month and if y'all know me, you'll know that I have a stupid minor obsession with that Canadian hunk who is actually only 19 so he's more like an angel cherub baby instead. I was super stoked to hear this album, not only because his second album was so good, but because he also worked pretty closely with Teddy Geiger on this album (as well as some of his past projects) and she is someone I've been a fan of since I was a kid (like, literally fourth grade) and it's great to see her collaborating with such huge artists (I mean, she co-wrote "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by One Direction so...). Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, Shawnathan (thanks for the endearing nickname, Maddie). This album was definitely a lot more chill than I thought it would be but then again, his last album was definitely taking more of a chill, John Mayer-esque vibe that I definitely did not hate. It still has its bops ("Nervous," "Lost In Japan," "Particular Taste") but its all balanced out by his more emotional and slower takes on songs about tackling love, fame, and anxiety (hello, "In My Blood"). 

I heard the song "San Francisco Street" by Sun Rai playing over the speakers at our office (WeWork has some bomb ass playlists, drop that link my dudes!) and it immediately reminded me of the band Chicago and my dad and his band. It's so calming that I could absolutely see myself listening to it with the windows down while I cruise in my car that I no longer have in my possession because I gave it up for a life of L trains and cursing the MTA under my breath.

Aly & AJ also have a spot on my playlist this month, which really shouldn't be a shocker. "Potential Breakup Song" is still one of my favorite songs written about Joe Jonas ("Forever & Always" and "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift are also up there), so anytime the Michalka sisters put out a new tune, I'm always down to listen to it and make it my automatic favorite to support them.

Was this the world's most boring playlist post? Probably, but I did still somehow mention One Direction in it, so it's still on brand for me at least...

What were some of your favorite songs from May?


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