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My Unofficial Uniform: Denim Jacket + Cigarette Pants

I complain about Instagram themes whenever I try to stick with them. Yes, they're aesthetically pleasing, but they're also a pain in the ass and really hard to keep up with. And then I took a look at my feed the other day and realized that I'm a monster and even while trying not to keep up with a theme still somehow ended up with one. EVERYTHING IS BLUE. I don't even particularly like the color blue, but it has come to my attention that I have two things that I wear the most often in this world: denim and white t-shirts. It's All. I. Wear. Change Life According to Francesca to All I Wear Is Denim and White Tees. 

The fact that I can wear jeans to work is what really kick-started the obsession. I could wear jeans to work back in Cleveland too, but that was when I was still wearing only skinny jeans. Now that my world has opened up to straight-legged and culottes galore, my opportunities to wear jeans have sky-rocketed and I have taken every single liberty possible to make sure that I am doused in denim like a Canadian in the fall (sorry Canadians, ily guys). 

I wear this exact same look at least once a week. AT LEAST. Am I going to wear it today? Maybe...but hear me out! It's the comfiest look in the whole world but I look cool af. I hate the world cool (I have a whole post on that), but it really is just an effortless look and I'm not going to deny it. Y'all know I'm the most self-deprecating person on earth but sometimes you just gotta admit when you're feeling your look sometimes. Actually, you should do that all the time because WE'RE ALL GODDESSES AND DESERVE IT!

My black cigarette pants are a consignment find (shoutout to my girl Karen who still finds the best stuff for me there!) but they're J.Crew and I would do anything to find another pair in black so I don't have to wash them so often because I wear them arguably too much, especially when the weather is chillier. And then literally, the only other important part of this look is a t-shirt. Literally, any t-shirt will work. Plain tee, graphic tee, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I switch up the t-shirts every week (but my favorite to wear with it is this Don't Say Diet tee that I got for like, ten bucks at Forever 21 about 10 minutes before they closed the night before I left for Los Angeles back in October).

I think the true key piece here though is this denim jacket that I stole from my parents (I forgot if my mom stole it from my dad or vice versa, you never know with those two) before I moved. I never was a denim jacket person before because they always seemed too tailored and I'm just not about that life. I like things distressed and oversized and vaguely androgynous. I don't even know what brand this jacket is, all I know is that the collar is ripped, there are holes in the sleeves, and that it is the most glorious piece of outerwear that I own. I've had girls in SoHo ask me which designer it is while I wait in line for coffee and it's the most incredible feeling to say that it's vintage and I stole it from my parents. Suck on that, Vetements! 

Jacket: Vintage, nicked it from my parents
Tee: H&M
Pants: J.Crew via Cleveland Consignment Shoppe
Shoes: Adidas via TJ Maxx
Hat: Epoch
Bag: Saint Laurent via Cleveland Consignment Shoppe


  1. I love your unofficial uniform. I think your style is so evident here although it's unofficial, lol. Also, keeping up with instagram themes is such a pain

    1. Aw, thank you Cecilia! And I agree!!! I try to avoid them as much as possible, they just feel like they keep you trapped in a box! (They look great though, don't get me wrong hahahaha)

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