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Checking in on Mid-Year Goals

You may or may not know this, but I'm a huge fan of Niall Horan creating to do lists. I have separate to do lists for the same day so everything is in its sections because any overlap would just be plain confusing, right? (I'm kidding, I'm just particular). What I'm not a fan of are New Year's Resolutions because they always fall through and nobody does what they actually want to do and it's arbitrary day where people make shit up that they want to improve for the sake of it. Mostly. Shoutout to y'all who actually follow through on your resolutions, you're a better and more determined person than I am.

In lieu of yearly resolutions, I choose to make a to do list for the year instead because it's much more fun and isn't as heartbreaking when you don't cross something off (though I will admit, I always aim to finish them all). I made my 2018 list back in January (surprise surprise) and I figured it was about time to check in on my progress while we're about halfway through the year. Have I done anything yet? Am I a lost cause? The world may never know!

1. Read and comment on more blogs | So, this could admittedly be going better. I feel like I was so focused on job hunting at the beginning of the year that I lost focus because, ya know, getting a job was important to me so I had to put that first. And then I actually got my job and then had to move and it's just been a hectic. These are all excuses of course, but this has not quite yet been accomplished yet, but I still have half of the year-ish left to improve!

2. Continue uploading to YouTube | Again, could be going better for the above reasons. I was very consistent when I was living at home, but my schedule has definitely become much more erratic and inconsistent since moving. I haven't found my groove yet and would really like to ASAP because I love filming and editing! I just haven't had the time.

3. Read a new book each month | So far, so good on this one! I've been able to keep up with the one new book a month thing, which I know is super low-balling it and I could definitely try to push myself to do more, but, alas, I am me and I'm just trying to get by. You can check in on what I've read on the Entertainment tab of my blog!

4. See the Indians and Cavaliers in New York City | Have not done so yet and I really need to see when and if they're playing here this season. I would prefer a game at Citi Field as I am not a Yankees fan and don't really want to hike all the way up to the Bronx, but you gotta do what you gotta do to support your team. Also, the Cavs season is over (#RIP) so, you know, that won't happen until fall.

5. Start a rough budget or some kind of savings system | Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

6. Find the perfect black coat | Not yet, but I'll work on it when the season comes!

7. Get more adventurous with my makeup | I'm still rocking my neutrals and winged eyeliner, it's a hard habit to break when it's so easy to do!

8. Downsize my lipstick collection | If anything, I've somehow accumulated even more lip products, so...this is a massive #fail. Maybe when the season is over and I can assess what I didn't even reach for the entire summer. 

9. Find a pair or brand of trousers that suit me | The only pants that I own that I like on me are a pair of J.Crew crepe cigarette pants that my co-worker from the consignment store sent me. They're super streamlined and chic but can easily be dressed down (which is how I prefer to wear them) with a plain t-shirt and sneakers. I still have yet to find (or truly look) for a pair to add to my wardrobe.

10. Learn to cook something for christ's sake | Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

11. Invest in more camera lenses | Maybe this will happen when I'm not living paycheck to paycheck. However, for the time being, I'll deal with my kit lens and 50mm. 

12. Get a new credit card | I...have not done this yet. I really need to I just don't know which one I want to get and choosing seems too stressful. 

13. Step up my organizational game | I don't even know what I meant by this but I created an entire elaborate spreadsheet of apartments when I was moving so I would say that's pretty damn organized...

14. Improve my communication skills | I literally just wrote a post the other week about how bad of a friend I am, so I'd say that this one is not going too great either.

15. Finish my WIPs | This one I can say I actually finished in February and it was a GLORIOUS FEELING! No more WIPs! I'm freeeeeee!

What were some of your goals for the year?


  1. I think this is awesome. I might steal this idea from you. I think this is awesome.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I just find it much less daunting than resolutions!

  2. Replies
    1. I NEED A POCKET YOU TO HAVE AROUND TO MAKE ME DO IT!!! Like, the recipes are all right there, I'm just lazy and a bad cook *cries*

  3. I can help with the cooking (via facetime? done it before tbh) and the organizational bit...I love me a spreadsheet :)

    1. I think I might be a lost cause but you ARE THE SWEETEST CUPCAKE OUT THERE!

  4. I too love Niall Horan lol. I loved this post but I suck at following through goals that I make for myself. It's weird, I'll go above and beyond for others, but I won't do the same for myself? I'm working on it. I actually did a 30 before 30 list this year and I've knocked a couple of things down already. I'm glad you're reaching your goals!

    1. Niall is such an adorable little Irish nugget and I want to protect him for the rest of my life. But also I totally understand! It's always easier to help people do what they want to do and push what you want to the side in order to satisfy others. It happens to the best of us so I hope you'll be able to knock some more stuff off of your own list soon! <3


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