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NYC Street Diaries: A Year Out of Cleveland

Social media has reminded me almost every single day for the past week of Cleveland. I mean, Facebook bombards me every morning with a group of pictures I was tagged in from the year before, all of them seeming to be from some sort of "event" during my last week in Cleveland–which, admittedly, involved a little too much drinking and not nearly enough packing–or the weeks leading up to my move out date. I swear, it was impossible to miss a graduation ceremony on Instagram Stories this weekend, including some (now) fellow alumni of Cleveland State University. 

So, in true Francesca fashion, I'm going to get a little sappy because, well, this is my blog and I can. What a glorious thing to be completely and totally in charge of content! *Little Mix voice* I've got the, I've got the, I've got the power. (Listen to this song if you haven't yet, and also Little Mix's entire discography. This post has nothing to do with Little Mix but then again, everything I do in life has to do with Little Mix someway, somehow). 

My mom sometimes texts me random things at random times. At approximately 6:40 p.m. on Sunday evening, she texted me this: "Do you realize this time last year I was on my way to Cleveland to help you pack up your apartment. This year you've moved into a new apartment and have a whole new life. Pretty eventful year for you."

I think I accidentally ignored this text message because that's what I do and I suck (truly, I have not gotten better about responding to texts. Ask anyone who has ever been my friend or tried to befriend me and most likely wrote me off as rude because I just am incapable of responding to messages in any sort of timely fashion), but, as usual, Kathy G is right. Again. When aren't moms right, honestly? It's so annoying. 

I digress, a lot has happened in the past year. I thought that I had been lazing around while I tried to figure out my life and what I wanted. To me, this past year has been extremely uneventful since moving away from Cleveland. But I guess when you think about it, I said goodbye to a city that was once new to me, welcomed back the city I grew up in, and then threw myself into the city where I always wanted to be. That's pretty wild for a girl who still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up or where she sees herself in two years, let alone five or ten.

I traveled to the West Coast for the first time, tested out living in New York City for five weeks in the fall. I got to see some great concerts with friends, enjoy time with family. I got the chance to spend time with my grandfather during the last few months of his time here. I cut my hair and then desperately tried to grow it back (still working on it). I'm sure a lot of other stuff happened in between, but now I'm here (by here, I mean New York City) and I couldn't feel better about it. 

The skyline that I saw from DUMBO on Saturday is vastly different than the one I saw every day when I was living in Cleveland, but that's the most thrilling part. My skyline has upgraded, but I'll never turn my back on you, Cleveland! Even if the Cavaliers are currently losing in the series to the Celtics even if they are SUPPOSED TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR. 

Deep breath. 

In. Out. In. Out. 

Okay, I'm better now. Ironically, the day I went to DUMBO was to meet up with my old co-worker from the consignment store in Cleveland while she was in town helping a friend move. You know, just some information to make this post extra Midwestern!

If anything, let this post be a reminder that your life can change drastically in a year. It might take longer than you'll think, but never fear, for change is on the horizon if you really want it to be.


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