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My Seven Favorite Drugstore Finds

Listen, even if this blog post mentions the specific number "seven," we all know that I'm cheap AF most of the time and could absolutely live off of all drugstore everything. I've been broke my entire life and I'm not about to start pretending that that's not true now! However, you know, there's a few drugstore finds that I'm more apt to use than others. If I could only use Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders to set my entire face for the rest of my life, I'd do that in a heartbeat, but man, sometimes you just don't need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on certain things. You just don't need to! I mean, you could, as we are all capable of making financial decisions for ourselves even if some of us shouldn't be allowed to (ahem, me).

I digress, I will always be a supporter of drugstore finds and want to talk in detail (in my own way) about seven of my favorite finds that bring me joy on an (almost) daily basis, or have in the past. Let this be a reminder to myself to repurchase any of these that I might not have on hand right now, but I'm about 99% sure I have at least six out of the seven in my apartment right this second. So, you know, this list is legit and ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye (bye bye).

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Am I ever going to shut up about this dry shampoo? No, never. I am bound for life to the Chia Seed scent because it is both volumizing and insanely effective. Don't get me wrong, the Batiste dry shampoos still rock my world, but no dry shampoo has ever allowed me to have third day hair. None. What I do is use a tiny bit for my second day and then at night before my third day, I spritz this into my roots and sleep with it in. Then, when I wake up, I shake it out and brush it a bit and then I'm good to go into styling because it absorbed all of the oils overnight. It works like a charm and I appreciate any product that lets me wash my hair less. Second and third day hair just style with heat so much better

I will not brush my hair with anything that isn't a Wet Brush, I refuse. Some YouTuber talked about this way back in the day when I was in high school so I bought one and I've repurchased at least twice, if not three times, when the bristles have started to disappear from using it so often. Nothing else compares. If I brush my hair with anything else, either wet or dry, it feels like I'm ripping the hairs from my head and it's the most painful experience of my life, aside from like that one time I fell onto pavement and caught myself with my hands and got gravel buried into my skin. That shit sucked. 

What was I talking about? Oh, the Wet Brush. I have nothing to compare it to, namely when it comes to the Tangle Teaser, but who cares. The Wet Brush even comes in mini sizes that you can carry in your purse if you're not a dumbass like me who carries around her tiny, mini YSL bag that literally holds a phone, keys, and lipstick.

Why would you spend insane amounts of money on a top coat when the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry is right there? I've tried others before from OPI, Orly, and Seche Vite and like, they were fine, but nothing does the job and doesn't break the bank like this Sally Hansen gem. I mean, I painted my nails like ten minutes ago and put the top coat on and now I'm typing away like a maniac to write this so I can go to bed at a decent hour and don't have to stress about writing this in the morning before work. Has my polish smudged? Hell no! Should it have? Probably, I type like my fingers are intoxicated at all times. Fingers can't be drunk, but like, that's a minor detail in my terrible description. 

This is the only product that I'm talking about that I don't physically have at the moment but have loved in the past. Look, don't get me wrong, my Belif The True Cream Moisture Bomb is the love of my life, but as soon as the tub I'm using runs out, you can best bet I'm crawling back to Neutrogena for an affordable moisturizer with SPF that doesn't have oil in it and make my face a slick mess. Gone will be the days of dropping over $30 on a moisturizer that I force myself to savor instead of slathering the right amount on my face so I can have skin that is hydrated AF. Also, it doesn't make makeup sit weird on your face, which is very important to me as I have to put six layers of my mask on every day to feel like a human and not some sort of weird Italian alien that is going through a rough skin period. Thanks, New York City for fucking up my skin, but we'll talk about that at a later date...

So, I just bought a replacement because I'm running out and honestly, I can't afford to buy another Sephora foundation for a while (I just checked my credit card statement and like YIKES is an understatement). This foundation bottle got a little bit of a facelift and honestly, I love it. The old packaging was tacky and ugly but I like this a lot! I mean, it has black in it, which is my aesthetic so...thanks CoverGirl! This is my holy grail foundation that I will always go back to because it's perfect and has full coverage and lasts all day and doesn't make my skin breakout which is really cool of it! This is probably the only drugstore foundation that I stan and that has worked for me consistently over the course of the past like, six years, at least. This foundation is the only thing I have ever committed to in my life, besides the Jonas Brothers. I'm devoted to those three dudes for the rest of my life.

Other than my one splurge a year on a bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy body wash, you are not going to catch me spending any more than a few dollars on something that's supposed to wash dirt off of me and make me not smell like absolute garbage. Instead, you'll find me stocking up on my St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash that makes me smell like some kind of dessert and literally costs a couple of dollars, if not less. Who knows, it depends on the store. It's probably eight million dollars at a Duane Reader, but usually it's between two and three bucks anywhere else. A total steal if you ask me.

Listen, if I hadn't received six (I still think this was insanely excessive, but they've come in handy so I'm not complaining) Beauty Blenders from Influenster last month, I would still be living religiously by my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Face Sponges. I still prefer them to the original Beauty Blenders, but I also didn't get six (seriously, why the hell did they send six of the same?) of them fo' free so...beggers can't be choosers. The Real Techniques sponges have a flat edge which I prefer for my foundation but still have the pointed edge that make it great for undereye concealer and to get into the small corners (i.e. around my nose and my chin) to cover the tough to reach areas. They're also bigger and cover more space, so if you have a huge head and face like me, never fear, for Real Techniques has your back on this one!

What's your favorite drugstore find?


  1. Ok you know how anti drugstore I am, but the Collection and Rimmel Wake Me Up concealers are amazing...but alas they're only in England so they might as well be as coveted as a $30 Nars concealer. RIP


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