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My April Favorites

Unwifeable by Mandy Stadtmiller

I usually save my monthly favorites for videos, but since my YouTube channel went on a temporary hiatus while I apartment hopped and tried to acclimate myself to the city, we're going to bring back the favorites to the blog this time around, starting with a book I talked about on the blog last week. 

This was my read for the month of April (my 2018 goal is to read at least one new book a month) and guys, guys, it was sofuckinggood. I tend to not be able to binge read nonfiction books, not because I don't like them (books of essays and memoirs are actually one of my faves), but they obviously lack the normal plot structure and climax of (most) fictions books and I just feel like I can take my time instead of letting the greedy little monster in my head take over and demand that I read at an insanely fast rate so I can see what the hell happens and don't have to Google things in the middle of me reading if I'm too impatient to see what happens next. Um, not that I've done that before...

Mandy Stadtmiller used to write for The Post and then eventually xoJane, but Unwifeable is the story about her move to NYC in 2005 after her divorce from her husband in Chicago. To put it bluntly, the happenings in this book are a Hot Mess™, but damn, she really throws some wrenches into my gasping and laughing about all of the salacious details with little pockets of her past and various stints in therapy. I don't know, guys, this book was just plain old good. Other than the fact that Stadtmiller is a badass who's naming names, this book is just overall super well-written and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not knowing what it was about when I put it on my 'want to read' shelf on Goodreads and picked it up on a whim at McNally Jackson.

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I hate myself for loving this foundation so much because now I'm going to have to repurchase it when I run out and my bank account isn't going to appreciate it. Ughhhhhhhh. Never had a foundation combined with the rest of my face makeup ever made me feel so dewy and glowy in my life. Gone are the days of matte full coverage foundations that give me the coverage I need but not with finish I deserve. Also, usually when a foundation boasts a certain hour of wear, I just assume it's bullshit but like...Smashbox isn't lying, guys. If you put this on the right way and set it and what not, expect hours upon hours of wear with no touch-ups as long as it's not 8,000,000 degrees outside with a humidity of 900,000%. Even then, who knows, I just don't handle humidity or heat very well...

I fell victim to Glossier once again. I'm the terrible blogger who isn't a massive, massive fan of their products. It's not that I don't think they're good, they're just not for me. I'm not one to like light coverage or low maintenance things. In a choice between light coverage and full coverage, you'll catch me trying to find something as opaque and pigmented as possible. "No makeup" makeup? It's just not on brand for me.

However, my brows are my baby and I need a new gel desperately. Instead of going back to my tried and tried Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, I succumbed to the baby pink and adorably set up showroom when I went one weekend with my roommate to repurchase some stuff. Mine is in the shade Brown and I have no clue how I lived so long without this brow gel in my life. First thing, it doesn't budge. Second thing, the applicator is so perfect for getting the arch and tail of my brow without smudging the product everywhere. And third thing, it does not budge!!! 

I'm so late on this, I know, sue me, but from one brow enthusiast to another...I get it, I get Boy Brow.

New York City

How am I supposed to have an April favorites without mentioning the biggest favorites of all? There will come a day where I don't talk about NYC like I'm a ten-year-old, but for now, the whimsy is still somewhat there, even after an annoying weekend of having to shop in a tourist-filled area with people who STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON INSTEAD OF STEPPING TO THE SIDE. Did I actually mutter, "I hate all of you" to a group of tourists near Central Park on my walk to the train? That only my roommate could confirm...

It's cool living here. Can you see me trying to be coy and keep it on the DL when in reality my brain is like !!!!!!!!! at all times because, uh, I'm finally here? My mom and I were trying to pinpoint the exact moment that I realized I wanted to live here and we decided it was probably somewhere around the spring or summer of 2007 after one particular trip with a family friend and her daughter (hey Lisa, hey Marissa, remember those ugly madras shorts we bought at Strawberry before Legally Blonde? Me too, sadly). So, you know, it's been a long time coming and I'm hereeeeeeeee.

And to round it off, here's a restaurant I dug this month. I went for a team lunch with some co-workers my first week and then again the next week with my friend for dinner and am trying to plan when I'll get my shit together and go again. It's a Vietnamese place in SoHo tucked next to Jack's Wife Freda. It's Vietnamese meets French with adorable decor and super aesthetically pleasing drinks (I got the Swimming Pool, which was pretty much just sparkling wine, white wine, and some hibiscus). They have Pho if you're into that, but they also have other bowls and what not, which is what I got both times because I'm a creature of habit and it was good. The bowl in question was the ginger chicken rice bowl I believe and it is just as delicious as it sounds and looks. Mmmm...

What was one of your April faves?


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