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Gingham? I Don't Know Him!

Raise your hand if you can't resist wearing the new clothes you buy immediately after you leave the store!!!

I went shopping on Sunday and picked up a few new clothing pieces and in true Francesca fashion, I wore an entire outfit of new clothes on Monday and debuted a new pair of pants on Tuesday. The last time I wore gingham it was pastel pink and white and I bought it in high school to wear with pastel green pants, so really, it's better off that I stopped wearing gingham all together and did something else with my life. I wasn't ready for the pattern back then and ever since I've associated it with a more preppy style that didn't really align with who I was anymore. 

But now, I just wear whatever the hell I want so how could I resist the adorable, trendy, and uber comfortable (hello breathable fabric for those humid days) gingham pants that I spotted in Zara the other day? It was a perfect storm, truly, and now we're going to live a long and happy life together until I either (a) destroy them or (b) get sick of them. Either option is bound to happen, especially given my terrible laundering skills and also commitment issues.

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I definitely considered going a little more simple with the look. Originally, I was just going to wear a plain white t-shirt and call it a day, but I felt like being a little more adventurous with my wardrobe. I always think about wearing this shirt but I've never executed an outfit with it that I truly love, so it sits in my closet most of the time. It was about time that it made its public debut and all it took was a little tie and removing the belt that came with the pants. The double bow looked odd, so I just rolled my pants (my inner private school girl came out) to keep them from falling down without it and adjusted the height of the bow so it wasn't too cropped for work.

This look made me feel like a couple of different things. First, I felt like a little old Italian man. All I was missing was a bocce ball and maybe a cigar of some sort. I also felt like I was getting ready to bring all four of my children to a family vacation on some vineyard on the east coast. Really though, any outfit that makes me feel like an old man or a mom is my kind of outfit, let's be real here.

I really think these pants are going to come in handy when the weather stays warm but I don't want to wear a dress or skirt every single day of my life. For the most part, my pants are either denim or a heavier fabric that would most likely make me sweat from every single orifice of my body, which left a gap for this type of pant in my closet. The new gingham addition to my wardrobe is something new for me and I'm curious to see how else my brain will decide to style it. I'll do a lot for a comfortable pant, so I have a feeling these might get preferential treatment because of the comfort, style, and also because it means I only have to shave my ankles!

 Top: Hugo Boss
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Tahari
Sunglasses: Quay


  1. Ahh! I love gingham and these pants are right up my alley! I also have a hard time NOT wearing clothes after I just bought it haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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