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You Know How It Feels | April Playlist

So, yes, there are still a few days left in April, but in full disclosure...I forgot I didn't have a post idea for today and am out of preshot content. So. Here's my April playlist a few days early! We just have to #MakeItWork around these parts, so thank you to Tim Gunn for instilling that into my brain every week on Project Runway when I was a child so much so that it has stuck with me for like, a decade. Ew, that sentence aged me.

This has been a slow month for new music because truthfully, I just haven't had the time that I normally do to listen to music on end. I also spend most of my day at work now and only very occasionally listen to my own music over whatever is playing on the bluetooth speaker thanks to one of my co-workers. My time has been unfortunately limited, which has not been good for all of my hobbies (especially reading, ugh). But, never fear, because my fourth week of work is coming to an end today and...drumroll please...I'm moving into my first apartment on Tuesday! This means that come next week, I'll have my own space again and will also be getting my camera back. I already know (kind of) what I want to film for my first YouTube video back, which is super exciting in my opinion.

But this post is not a life update! We're talking about music today and some of the songs that made my April playlist. I spent the first like, two weeks of April just listening to whatever music was on my phone on the subway because I was too lazy to sit down and create an offline playlist on Spotify of some more, uh, updated tunes to listen to while I was on the subway. You have to have good music for a commute, you just have to. It's not an option!

It wouldn't be a post on my blog if I didn't talk about this man's song first. "Familiar" by Liam Payne featuring J Balvin released this month's a Bop™. A straight up Bop™. Will this be my song of the summer? Honestly, probably. I have to be careful where I listen to this because when I hear it, my body starts to move uncontrollably and before I know it, I'm body rolling in the middle of the subway platform while I wait for my train. That's not a cute look for me, but it's just HOW THE SONG MAKES ME FEEL!!!!

Similarly, "High" by Whethan and Dua Lipa and "Youngblood" by 5 Seconds of Summer give me weird badass vibes and when I'm walking while listening to them, in my head I feel very ~cool~ listening to them. In my head, at least. I'm sure to everyone else I just look mean and also fairly clumsy because I swear I scuff my feet on the effing sidewalk way too often. Sometimes, the best way to start my morning is to just put on a song that makes me feel good (or in this case "cool," whatever that means) and strut a little.

Ugh, truly, this has been a boring month for new music for me, not in general. I'm sure tons of great new songs have come out and I've just been under a rock and have missed them. I mean, The Arkells and my ethereal fairygodmother Florence Welch both came out with new singles this month. And we were also blessed with a new bop from Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris ("One Kiss," if you want to bop to it). Side-note: go back and read this post and take a shot every time I say the word "bop." I love Life According to Francesca drinking games! That's my new aesthetic.

To round this post off, I'd say the most impressive last minute addition to this playlist was, of course, "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. All I have to say it...IF YOU AIN'T DIRTY, YOU AIN'T HERE TO PARRRRRRRTAAAAAAY.

Okay, on that note, good-morning-afternoon-night and goodbye and I'll see you next week for hopefully a well thought out post! But before that, one quick and totally unrelated question: do you guys want to see apartment updates on the blog or on my channel? We're starting from scratch and I wasn't sure if it'd be interesting to anyone to see how we (my roommate and I because there's no way in hell I'll ever be able to live here without a roommate) end up furnishing and decorating the space! You may or may not know but I'm terrible at decorating spaces because I treat them as temporary so maybe this will be a motivating factor to actually decorate the apartment so it looks like someone lives there and it's not just an Ikea set-up.

What songs have you been enjoying in April?


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