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Six Shows to Binge Watch That Will Put You in a Good Mood

I would say there's one thing about me that isn't quite normal, but let's be real...there's definitely more than one thing. But, in this case, I'm referring to my inability to binge watch TV shows...usually. You'll very rarely catch me watching entire TV series nowadays because I find it extremely daunting. However, the chances of me going back to rewatch a show that puts me in a good mood are much more common. I've never been the type of person to reread a book or watch a movie multiple times (besides my solid five movies, which I won't get into right now because I'm sure I've done at least four posts on them in my nearly six years of blogging), but if something puts me in a good mood, I keep it in my back pocket for those rainy days where I'm just not feeling myself. 

Everyone has that something that can make them smile no matter what. And for me, there are just some TV shows that kept me smiling all the way through. If I can't pick myself up and get myself cheery on my own, sometimes I just need the assistance of some of my favorite characters to help me along.

Gilmore Girls

This just a..."DUH" choice on any list of mine. I'm almost done with my sixth or seventh rewatch of Gilmore Girls right now and even if the last two seasons just...are not my favorite...I would still never change how I feel about this show. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it makes you miss your mom...but this is about making you smile! There is no shortage of one-liners and sharp wit that will make you snort and how could you not smile at some of the town's antics or relationships in this show? It's impossible to escape the Stars Hollow charm.

Hart of Dixie

This was a show I never expected to enjoy as much as I did but I also binge watched it in about a week or two and was struggling to not wake my roommates up at all hours of the night while I stayed up to watch. It's kind of cheesy, but hey, I love cheesy. It's kind of a silly show with an odd small town (small towns just make for great TV shows, don't they?) but god Rachel Bilson's character Zoe cracks me up when she moves from New York to the rural south in Bluebell, Alabama. The ensemble cast is also incredible and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel's) charm and abs will keep you smiling the whole time, I promise...

Parks and Recreation

Who doesn't love spunky Leslie Knope and her passion for justice in politics and for parks? This show is just so pure and lovely. I'm a huge fan of shows with not only great "main" characters, but with a well-established ensemble cast too. I mean, you can't watch Parks and Rec without having a place in your heart for Tom, April, Andy, Donna, Ron, Ben, Ann, Chris, and hell, even Jerry! I love "mockumentary" shows so if you were a fan of The Office, this would be a good choice for you, for sure. Or if you just like kind of weird, quirky humor and bizarre moments that will have you both confused and doubled over know what to put on your Netflix list!

Don't Trust the B**** In Apartment 23

Okay, so this show didn't make it past two seasons, but it's still worth watching strictly because Chloe is a hilarious character that will have you questioning why she is such a terrible human while also realizing that you probably share a lot of the same qualities as her and start to question your own behavior. All jokes aside, this show is a short one so you'll be able to binge watch it in like...a few days if you really want to. I'm a big fan of unlikely friendships, so when the "good girl" June moves in with the "bad girl" Chloe, hilarity ensues. Chloe is just...kind of not a great person but she has her moments and I had more in common with her than I expected so that was unexpected. If you like snarky humor and situations that make you go OMG and WTF in the same you go!

Brooklyn 99

My love for Brooklyn 99 is eternal. Andy Samberg is one of my favorite humans on earth but I have now adopted all of the cast into my heart. This show is so pure and unproblematic without a fail I have to LOL way too loudly at least once an episode. It's uncontrollable. You can't watch this show and not find it endearing and bizarre and flat-out hilarious. Or I guess you could, but like...I'm pretending that's not possible. I've talked about this show enough on my blog and YouTube channel that I fear if I keep mentioning it, it might seem like a #ad. But it's not a #ad. But Brooklyn 99 if you want to sponsor me, feel free. @ Fox, where you at?


I deadass started watching this show because I saw Nico Tortorella on screen and fell in love with his face (and have since fallen in love with him as a human being). I think the common theme with me in television is kind of bizarre casts and characters. The more eclectic, the better, I say. The characters of this show get themselves into a ton of sticky situations and I'm all about people messing up and having to fix it. Beyond this show just being funny, it also has its sweet moments. I don't just need one-liners fired rapidly at me. I also love adorable moments that make me say "awww" and melt my icy heart. 

What shows put you in a good mood without a fail?


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