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Five Makeup Items I Use (Almost) Every Day

After almost a year of only putting a measly amount of makeup on a couple of days a week to shoot for my blog or a video for my channel, I'm finally getting back into the routine of utilizing my makeup collection again to its fullest extent. I am one of those people who loves wearing a full face of makeup. Part of it is because of deep-rooted insecurities (LULZ), but also, I just really like makeup and I figure if I've spent this much money on it at this point in my life, I should probably wear it. 

But, there are certainly times where I don't necessarily feel the need to wear a full face of makeup and want to half-ass the job. I know there are people who say "well, if you're going to go for a light makeup look, why not just wear no makeup at all?" and to that I say, because I want to wear something. Let me have my fun! This post is based on those hypothetical decisions of what am I going to put on my face on a day where I just don't have the time or need to wear ten layers of foundation but still want to do something. Or I guess this could be the five products that are essential to my makeup routine. Either works, right?


Unless you're really, really new here, you would know that my skin is my biggest insecurity. I still get breakouts, I have some scarring, and there's just an overall unevenness in my face that I'm not personally comfortable with. Even if it's just a light layer of foundation, the chances of me going out without anything covering my blemishes is rare. So, yes, foundation is vital to my makeup routine. I don't think I could live without a proper concealer, but if worse came to worse, I could just layer foundation in certain spots for more coverage.

Setting Powder

Well, I need my foundation to stay in place somehow, duh. In all seriousness, even if my skin isn't as oily as it used to be, setting my foundation is still a must. It not only keeps everything locked into place and semi-matte (I do use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, which isn't a matte powder because I love the subtle luminous look it gives my skin), but if I was going to put on more powder products afterwards like a blush or contour, the powders blend so much nicer onto the skin when there's a buffer between the bronzer/blush and the creamy foundation.


This might seem random, but hear me out guys. I think out of all of the things to put on my face after foundation and setting powder, highlighter just makes the most sense to me. A contour will add depth to your face, sure, but then the rest of your cheeks just look a little bare and sad. Same thing with blush. But highlighter gives you the definition and some glow. Highlighter adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin which is vital when you don't feel like wearing much that day. Plus, who doesn't love to sparkle a little bit, right?


I'm fully aware that these last two products are totally a very Francesca thing to mention. I've been referred to as "the lipstick girl," so it's no surprise that lipstick is a vital part of my makeup routine. It doesn't have to be some bold and bright color every single day. Quite frankly, sometimes I do just like to pick out a nude and not have to worry about it fading funny all day. No matter what the color is, I find that lipstick can just really spice up a look in a very simple way


Okay, this one was tough. I mean, I lowkey forgot about mascara when I was creating this list, but let's just pretend that mascara is a given or that I'm wearing my glass that day. Side-note: does anyone who wears glasses feel like when they're wearing their glasses that it doesn't matter what their eyes look like because you can't see them as if your lenses aren't completely transparent? That's how I feel though! Regardless, eyeliner is part of my everyday makeup routine. I feel like I look tired and like a shell of myself when I don't have it on, which is something I should probably get over because the stress I feel in the morning when I can't get my winged eyeliner right is intense. Regardless, this has been a huge staple in my beauty collection since my junior year of college and I haven't quite managed to shake it yet. 

What's one makeup item that's always part of your beauty routine?


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