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The Snow Returns...

I'm going to be completely transparent here: I ran out of steam by the end of this week in terms of inspiration for blog posts that weren't just my stream of consciousness the whole time. Good news is that I felt really productive yesterday and planned quite a few (pages) of blog post ideas. Bad news is I obviously did not have time to execute any of them for today's post, so this is kind of what we're stuck with. I talked about writer's block hitting me hard a little over a month ago and while it seemed to dissipate for a while, it's kind of like a boomerang and it came back. There's just been a lot going on as of late that I would love to get into at some point once this too has passed, but for now, I'm just going to be straight up honest and say that this is the best I can do today. 

Monday is the four year anniversary of Life According to Francesca, despite this blog technically dating back to summer of 2012. I'll get into all of this on Monday, of course. I talked about blog changes over the summer and while little things did change, I foresee some more changes I guess keep your eyes peeled? I talked about my fear of being stagnant and enjoying the constant feeling of changing in one of my recent YouTube videos and while in that context I was talking about my style, it does stretch into other aspects of my life. And this blog is an aspect of my life. 

I mean, duh.

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Honestly, I am blaming my lack of creativity on the snow coming back. Kidding. Though, I did talk about this in a post earlier this week (how much of my own content can I plug in this blog post? The tally is at three) how it's been fairly nice weather for the end of February and early March and I was even to go bare-legged last week for an afternoon. The snow coming back did not perfectly align with this sudden stunt in creativity, but I'm going to roll with it strictly for a connection back to the vague title of this post. 

Blogging when I was in college and balancing work and school and a social life was much, much easier. I think I tried to carve myself a niche as a college blogger, which I did for all four years of my education. And then I graduated and moved out of my college apartment and away from my college friends and jobs and then struggled to be able to form as much content out of my other interests. Again, a lot of this will be talked about in my post on Monday so I don't want to have there be too much repetition, but I wanted this blog to be a fashion blog but I didn't know how to make it happen, so I just blogged about what I was going through at the time: college. 

So, yes, I've felt a little lost without my content crutch, the one thing I knew I could write about if all else failed because it's what I was living. My life now isn't as reliable for content because there really isn't a lot going on right now. There are only so many posts I can write about how I spend most days at home without sounding really, really pathetic. I promise, I'm all good, I genuinely enjoy my days and spending time with my dogs because I know there will someday, hopefully soon, that I won't be able to do this again.

My stream of consciousness is almost over, I swear! Really, the main point of this was to just be transparent about what's going on content wise both in this post and in the future. And if things go the way as planned, I have a lot of ideas for posts that I will probably run polls on Instagram Stories know...if you feel so inclined to follow me on Instagram, I would love to have you! Shameless self-plug tally is up to four!

I'm very excited for Monday and to share a little bit more background on Life According to Francesca, both as you know it now and how it used to be when I first started. And for a few more surprises, of course...

Sweater: Banana Republic
Pants: Zara (via Cleveland Consignment Shoppe)
Boots: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Miu Miu


  1. This outfit is just WOW! It really reminds me of street style during NYFW for some reason.


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