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Testing Four New Drugstore Makeup Products

Target got the best of me last week. I had a giftcard that I needed to spend (and of course, spent much more than the balance on the card) and sort of went in with a vague idea of what I wanted to buy. I got a mixture of beauty items, but these are the four makeup bits I got to test out for the first time. Or, in the case of the eyeliner, to test out again because I don't exactly remember how I felt about it the first time around. The rest of my beauty bits from Target were in my new video last Saturday, so if you're curious to see what else Target hoodwinked me into buying, feel free to give it a watch and listen to me ramble.

For the most part, these are first impressions, but I have a pretty good idea of how these work for me after about a week of testing them. My usual disclaimer stands. Things that don't work for me might work for you and vice versa!

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Despite consistently using the same CoverGirl foundation since high school, I'm still constantly curious about what else there is out on the market for foundations. I'm always looking for the perfect shade, formula, and coverage and I'd be lying if I said I found the exact match for me. However, I've heard good things about this foundation and figured for about five or six bucks plus a giftcard, it'd be worth a try. 

The whole point of this foundation is that it's supposed to be great for photos with flash photography. You know how when you get a photo taken with flash, you get a bit of whitecast on your face? This foundation is supposed to prevent that. I admittedly did not have any photos taken of me in dark enough lighting that I would need flash, so I can't attest to this aspect of the foundation. I'm just here to discuss the way this foundation applied and wore throughout the day. I wore this foundation for about four or five days, from the late morning until I took my makeup off at night to get into the shower. 

This foundation does not have a pump, which is a bit of a bummer. You can scoop it out with the little spatula attached to the bottom of the cap or you could just pour a little bit of product onto the back of your hand. Pumps are just much more hygienic and also are easier to measure out the amount of product that you're using. Whereas a lot of my other foundations blend seamlessly into my skin with minimal buffing, I found that I really had to go in with a sponge (and even a brush, just to test out both options) to get it to spread out across my face evenly. However, the color match was fantastic and probably my best match at the drugstore. Which is why it sucks that this foundation just didn't wear well on my skin. I think this could partially be because my skin is going through a dry period right now and it is a very matte foundation. I even tried applying it with a beauty sponge that I dampened more than usual to see if that would help both with the finish of the foundation and also with the application, but I didn't see much of a difference. It looks really nice on the skin during the day but I find that it starts to break apart on my nose and cheeks throughout the day, even when I set it with both mattifying and illuminating powders. 

I'm going to keep testing this out because if I can figure out the best way to get this foundation to cooperate, I would love to only have to dole out six bucks for a new foundation rather than ten or twelve or even the pricey ones from Sephora! 

I have talked about this eyeliner on the blog before, about a year ago almost to the date, actually. And what's really funny about it is that I made the same "that's what she said" joke in the post as I did in my most recent video. I don't remember writing the post or that I even had made that joke in it, but it just truly shows that my humor never changes and that I not only recycle my outfits but also my jokes too.

This liner was in a Things I'm Loving post (RIP, Things I'm Loving Thursdays, you've been missed) and I do like it! Love it might be an extreme, but it's good for what it does. It's pretty black, matte, and doesn't smudge or transfer onto my lid which is awesome. The tip is stiff and is my biggest gripe with it, but that is also because I very much prefer soft, flexible brush tips to felt tip liners because I find them easier to navigate across my lid. However, this eyeliner doesn't do a bad job by any means and I'm going to continue to use it just on my regular lid and stick to using my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to wing out my liner for thin, precise wings. If your local Target (or maybe even Ulta now, I'm not sure if they've started to carry the liner) has these in stock, they're worth a try if you prefer felt tip liners that aren't super flexible or thin.

So, in the video, I said that my cousin's girlfriend really recommended these and then about two hours after I published I realized that this wasn't the right product at all. I'm not even sure if it's the right brand. But regardless, I had a new lip product to try. I've never tested out this line from Revlon, but I've always been curious because the color selection is pretty and I like the matte clear packaging of it, not even going to lie. I picked up a rose pink shade (Devotion) to test out, just to ensure that it'd be a more wearable day to day color for prime testing purposes. 

This is kind of like a liquid lipstick, except that it doesn't dry down matte. The finish is matte, but it doesn't dry and adhere to your lips like a typical liquid lipstick would. It's kind of like a much more creamy and pigmented version of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. This was super comfortable to wear and while I do prefer when my products are a little more drying (they stay on longer that way), I wasn't too bothered by the creamy texture. It also left a really pretty subtle stain when the lipstick washed off, which is always appreciated with a product if I don't have the time or feel bothered to reapply.

I've saved my favorite for last! This is, by far, my favorite thing that I tried out by miles and miles. Wet n Wild products seem to be overlooked, probably because of the image we have of the brand from our childhoods and misconceptions about its super low prices meaning that the quality wasn't great. Like any brand, they have misses, but I'm always pleasantly surprised by how much I love some of the products I own from the brand!

This is a liquid lipstick that does what a liquid lipstick should do. The doe-foot application has the perfect subtle slanted edge to it that really makes it easy to apply this color evenly and precisely on the lips, even on the top lip near the cupid's bow and the corners of your lips. It needs a coat or two to be perfectly opaque and dries quickly down into a matte that won't budge. My biggest pet peeve with liquid eyeliners is when they start to get a little crusty and the product starts to pill up on the center of your lips where there was friction. It's just an all around uncomfortable feeling and looks a bit gross too. This, however, didn't do that for me. Even through eating and drinking, this liquid lipstick stayed put and didn't bleed around the corners either. I was pleasantly surprised by its good quality and honestly want to try out more colors to see if it's just the shade that performs well or if it's the whole range!

What drugstore products have you tested out and loved lately?


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