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Gotta Let It Happen | February Playlist

I would let my teenage self down if I didn't take the chance to title this month's playlist after a Paramore song. So, like, eleven-year-old self, you are very welcome. They're from "Last Hope" which was on their 2013 self-titled album and admittedly, I was a fake fan and didn't even know it existed until Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy talked about it in one of their vlogs and how it made them cry and I mean, if a song makes you cry then it is absolutely my type of music. I don't have a favorite genre, I just like songs that I can dance terribly to or songs that make me want to curl into a ball and cry. There is no in between.

Compared to last month, February was a very...lax month with music. Don't get me wrong, I still have been listening to music, I just apparently haven't saved any of it onto my Spotify. In truth, I think I partially have two things to blame: SZA's album Ctrl and some premade playlists that I have. Back in October, I think I started to mention my budding love for SZA on the blog and I'm almost certain that I mentioned her in my 2017 favorites video as well in the music category. And honestly, I'm still listening to Ctrl and my obsession is going strong. It's so raw and real and relatable and she is just a wonderfully talented human being. "Quicksand" (from a season two soundtrack to Insecure) and "The Weekend" are on this playlist specifically, but really, the entire album has been in heavy circulation.

Two bands that I also very much enjoy both came out with albums this month. Born Ruffians and The Wombats are up there in the ranks with Catfish the Bottlemen and The Vaccines (and many more) where I can just put on their album and just have some solid background music. They've also passed my road trip test, which is very important. "Turn" and "Forget Me" have a spot on this playlist specifically, but both albums are very much worthy of a listen. Or two. Or ten. I don't control your life or listening habits!

We also have quite a few throwbacks to some 20/20 Justin Timberlake, old school Tegan and Sara, and yes, a little bit of Pitbull. I'm not going to lie and pretend that "Hotel Room Service" isn't an absolute bop. I dare you to put it on and not want to dance and listen to it six times a day to put yourself in a good mood!!

This was a fairly unexciting month music wise or rather, size of playlist wise (?), but hey, stuff happens! Perhaps March will be the month that tops January with new music. Or it will be just me listening to the same four albums on repeat. You never know with me!

What were your favorite songs in February?


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