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Dressing For Spring When the Temperature Doesn't Agree

It was actually about forty degrees outside when I took these pictures. The location was also, unfortunately, directly next to a canal. And it was windy. Not quite spring temperatures even if it looked deceptively spring-like outside. That's how the weather gets you. It lures you outside dressed inappropriately with sunshine and warmer temperatures and then screws you over with the sunset and wind that makes it feel ten degrees colder outside. Sigh. 

Ironically, today is the first day of spring which was genuinely unplanned by me, but hey, it works! I'm used to spring not actually happening until sometime during the end of April or maybe even early May. And then the weather just seems to skip directly into sweltering hot with a side of humidity that just makes for miserable days outside. You can't win with east coast weather, I swear!

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"I don't like being cold" is not a bold, unusual statement. I mean, who likes goosebumps and shivering and waddling because it feels like your body might just actually freeze and then crumble into pieces in the wind? I'm not particularly keen on feeling cold, but I will fully admit to being one of those girls who chooses fashion over functionality, which when it comes to winter would be, well, a coat and proper shoes. But if it's Spring on the calendar, then dammit, I'm wearing open back shoes!  Will my ankle and the back of my feet be cold? Abso-freaking-lutely. Will I care enough to switch my outfit and wear something more weather appropriate? Chances are slim. 

Truly though, you can still dress for spring without freezing your ass off. Something about denim jackets makes me think of spring. While they aren't the warmest outerwear option in the world for the transitional season, if you find one oversized enough, you can easily layer sweaters underneath so you can get the spring look of a denim jacket with your bottom of choice but still retain in some heat instead of shivering your way through the day.

Layering really is key for all seasons, isn't it? You layer in the fall because it's usually colder outside than it is inside and the temperature goes from hot to cold so quickly that it's easier to just remove layers when it gets too hot or add them back on when the temperatures drop. You layer in the winter to have as many, well, layers, of clothing on underneath your jacket to ensure warmth. And in spring, you basically do the same, except with lighter pieces to mimic the spring look without sacrificing your body to the early spring temperatures.

You just gotta fake it til you make it when it comes to dressing for spring when it, uh, well, doesn't quite feel like spring. Throw some tights on with your floral dress and spice it up with a bomber jacket or rock invisible layers much like you would during the winter, maybe sans the fleece lining. The chances of me wearing a thinner pair of leggings under a pair of looser fitting trousers sometime in the foreseeable future is very, very likely and I have no shame. I can still look spring-ish without having to suffer the consequences of dressing inappropriately for the weather!

Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Levi's
Jacket: No idea!
Shoes: Target
Bag: Balenciaga
Sunglasses: Quay

Okay, be honest: do you dress for the weather or for fashion? No judgment! Y'all already know what I do.



  1. I am obsessed with denim on denim for all seasons & always love a classic striped shirt. Such a great look to transition from winter to spring.

    xoxo, Cecilia //

    1. Years ago I used to be terrified of denim on denim and now I'm throwing caution to the wind because IT LOOKS SUPER CUTE!!! I also totally agree! Striped shirts for spring will always be a staple!

  2. I love the denim on denim! So cute.

    xo Logan

    1. Thanks Logan! It's definitely one of my favorite looks at the moment :)


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