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Styling Vinyl For Everyday Wear

Do you ever see a trend on someone else and tell yourself that it's cute but you'll never try to wear it yourself? I saw Megan Ellaby rocking her vinyl trench coats at London Fashion Week back in fall of 2017 and all over her Instagram and YouTube channel. Homegirl can rock just about anything, so I definitely wrote the trend off as something I wouldn't be able to pull off and probably would never try. 

Aaaaaaand then I saw this skirt on sale for about fifteen bucks on ASOS and threw caution to the wind. I have this style of skirt in brown suede and denim, so why not just go a few steps further and get it in vinyl too? This style of this skirt is so simple to style and the vinyl just really adds an extra element and funky texture that I wouldn't get from a simple black skirt.

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In my head, I had a lot of different plans for this skirt. Ideally, I'd wear it with a multi-colored striped sweater but the only one I had is just a little too long and bulky for it to work with this. But a slim-fitting sweater like this one from ASOS and a baker boy cap? Ugh, I'm heart eyes over the mental image already.

It's been a hot second since I've worn this marbled turtleneck from Madewell, both on the blog and in real life. I particularly love this sweater when it comes to tucking it into pants and skirts because it has slits in the side and lets me do the half-front-tuck with ease. And no, that's not a gymnastics move, but it certainly sounds like it should be (Actually, is it? Or am I thinking of a back tuck?). 

I might have gotten a little carried about with the whole grey look going on here. It started with the sweater and the jacket. And then black boots just seemed a little too typical and boring, so naturally I went for silver glitter sock boots. That's always the next choice after simple black shoes, right?

Color coordinating is always fun, even when it's kind of unintentional but also kind of intentional? Let's be real, I knew what I was doing, but I'll pretend I didn't just for the satisfaction of thinking it was completely coincidental that I was wearing my marble grey sweater with silver boots and silver sunglasses and a dark grey lipstick to boot. Totally a coincidence, right? *Wink wink*

Are you going to see me rocking a full-on vinyl trench coat? Most likely not, mostly because I can't imagine that'd be very comfortable. This skirt is really flexible, shockingly, and seems a lot more moveable than some of the oil slick vinyl skirts that I've seen on the internet. I'm all about comfort around these parts, except for when it comes to shoes. I'll put my feet through hell and back for a cute pair, I'm not even going to lie. But me in a tight and constricting piece of clothing? Hard pass. New choice!

Sweater: Madewell (via Cleveland Consignment Shoppe)
Jacket: Target
Skirt: ASOS
Boots: Nine West
Sunglasses: Quay


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