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17 YouTube Channels I Can't Stop Watching

It's no secret that I watch far more YouTube videos in a day than I probably should. When given the choice between watching television or YouTube, we all know what prevails and it rhymes with...I'm not even going to stoop that low and try to make a silly rhyme. Mostly because the first word I thought of to rhyme with "tube" was "boob" and now I just sound like a twelve-year-old boy. The type of content I watch varies pretty frequently, especially since I am now starting to include more standard vlog type channels into my subscription box and daily routine instead of my normal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

Beyond the pure entertainment factor of YouTube videos, the creators on their make some pretty damn good content. I love the multimedia aspect of content creating these days. I like reading blog posts just as much as I like watching YouTube videos, both purely for entertainment, but also to learn. I mean, there are only so many people that you know in real life who can help you with certain things. What would we do without the internet and hauls and review videos and how to style videos? While yes, YouTube has its issues and quite a bit of unfavorable content, YouTube is also the website that brought my creators who taught me how to do my makeup, curl my hair, where to shop for this and that, how to style whatever I was loving at that point in my style, and so much more that I wouldn't have been able to learn from my friends or peers or parents (again, sorry mom!)

I don't strictly watch who I'm subscribed to and typically love the suggested videos section on my homepage most of the time. But, for the sake of this post, I've gone through my subscriptions and divided them up into different sections for my most watched YouTubers. They're all wonderful, entertaining people and I'm always looking to add more so I never run out of videos to watch ever. That's the goal, right, to always have a full Watch Later queue?

For fashion...
  • Megan Ellaby: A Manchester based blogger and YouTuber who has an eclectic style, the most insane jean and shoe collection, and signature bangs that only she could rock. She posts weekly fashion videos, including how to style certain pieces, hauls, collections, and what she wears in a week videos that will make you wish you had more patterned pieces to mix. She also has two adorable sausage dogs with her boyfriend (who dated Emma Watson, which I still find insane) and incredible taste in music. And did I mention the bangs?
  • Lizzy Hadfield: A Leeds (now London) based blogger and YouTuber who has a simple yet sexy yet so cool style that makes me save almost all of her looks on Instagram. She does styling videos and hauls, but she also has a series called Testing Basics where she'll buy five of the same item (for example, white button up shirts) from five different brands, all ranging in price from the high street to the mid-range high street and all the way to luxury to test if it's worth splurging on these classic and specific pieces.
  • Lydia Millen: A Milton Keynes based blogger and YouTuber who has the most gorgeous bag collection (and husband, but you didn't hear it from me) on earth. All jokes aside, Lydia does a mixture of content, including beauty, lifestyle, and straight up vlogging, but she has an incredibly chic and classic meets contemporary sense of style. She's the type of person where after watching her for a while, you'll start to see pieces when you shop and think "Oh my god, that's so Lydia."
  • Mel Soldera: A Montreal based blogger and YouTuber who does mostly fashion content. She does what I wore in a week, styling videos, as well as hauls. I love that's she's not afraid of trend pieces. I find that a lot of YouTubers who include luxurious items in their videos tend to err more towards the classic pieces, which I understand money wise and cost per use, but I love to see what's new and trendy in action and not just in photos on the online stores.
  • Tess Christine: A New York City YouTuber who does a lot of styling and looks for less videos. She also does some beauty and New York City based content which I adore, but her fashion videos are always really fun and accessible. She shops at more high street stores, like ASOS and Urban and places like that, which is definitely a little bit easier on the bank account than luxury brands.
For beauty...
  • Estee Lalonde: A London based blogger and YouTuber who has the most insane skincare routine that I watch with actual hearts in my eyes. Estee is hard to categorize because she does a little bit of everything, but I've put her under beauty solely because her skincare routine makes my heart soar. I highly recommend watching her for just really calming and aesthetically pleasing videos.
  • Meghal and Natasha: New York City based twins who do the most gorgeous makeup looks. I tend to watch more "blogger" type beauty YouTubers, but Meghal and Natasha do proper makeup looks that go beyond the typical wearable makeup videos that you might think of on YouTube. They also just have very relaxing voices and I just love watching their colorful and standout looks comes to life! 
  • Tati: A Los Angeles based YouTuber I really need to give an explanation for Tati right now? She does the most comprehensive reviews for...everything. Literally everything. Anything that possibly was a new release, she's probably done a review on it. I just really appreciate her opinions and willingness to try low end and high-end brands.
For lifestyle...
  • Carly Cristman: A Chicago based blogger who has the best moving tips because she has literally moved a million times. She'll say so, this isn't shade or anything. She does really great organizational videos and her entire aesthetic is white, grey, black, and marble, so I just love everything about her apartment and closet. 
  • Zoella: A Brighton based blogger and YouTuber Zoella. I mean, Zoe is Zoe. I don't even know how to describe her at this point. She's just the queen!
  • Arden Rose: A Los Angeles based YouTuber who is all around funny and adorable and does a mixture of videos and always keeps it real. I love her advice videos and Q&As because she's always so honest and upfront and kind and blunt and I just love the transparency and honesty that she promotes. 
  • Lily Pebbles: A London based blogger and YouTuber who does a mixture of videos. She does some fashion, some beauty, some home, just a little bit of everything really. I've just gotten back into her videos and I'm just finding her vlogs so relaxing and entertaining to watch. She just has a really calming internet presence and I love her and her friendships and I'm so excited to read her book, whenever I'm able to get my hands on it in the United States.
  • Suzie (HelloOctoberxo): A Brighton based blogger and YouTuber who, again, does a whole mixture of videos. She does fashion, regular vlogs, home, beauty, just a lot of everything. She always has a really cute friendship with Alix, who I'm actually going to talk
  • Alix  (I Covet Thee): A Brighton based blogger and YouTuber who, much like Lily, just has a really calming internet presence. Her videos are somewhat similar to Suzie's and Lily's, but obviously have their own Alix twist. I really love her sense of style and personality.
For feel good...
  • The Michalaks: A Bath (formerly London) based family of four that make the loveliest silkiest montages ever. For real, they are the favorite part of my Sunday morning routine. They have one video a week that is just a vlog of their whole week, except it doesn't feel like a vlog at all. They're very much miniature films. I mean, honestly, some of their vlogs have been even more beautiful than films I've seen in the theater. Stef is just an incredible editor and cinematographer and their little family of four is just precious and make me smile every week.
  • More ZoellaZoe has officially made the list twist, but her vlogs just make me so happy whenever she uploads a new one. She has a really cute pug and she's just started filming her meetings and behind the scenes work for her beauty range and book and I just find her career and her fascinating. 
  • Mark Ferris: An England based YouTuber who boasts positivity please, which I appreciate immensely. He's just such a positive and happy person and his videos just put a smile on my face. Plus, any video he films with Zoe is just bound to make you laugh just from their laughter. 
There are more, of course, but if I talked about every single one I would be here for ages. I mean, as it is, I've already yammered on for far too long, let's be real!

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels to watch?


  1. Zoe and Mark Ferris are two that I follow along with pretty regularly as well!

    Probably my favorite YouTuber at the moment is Kristin Johns. (If you were into Vine, she's now married to Marcus Johns if you remember him?) A lot of her content is beauty-/fashion-related but she also has some vlogs and other videos in general. She is so bubbly and positive that just watching her videos makes me happy.

    Another that I've followed for a long time now is Rose & Rosie (main channel is Rose Ellen Dix). They are a couple from England who post chatty videos, as well as vlogs and gaming videos. Good to watch for a laugh.

    1. I need to find that video compilation of Zoe and Mark laughing because I feel like it'd be the most infectious video to watch. They're so genuine and hilarious, I adore their friendship! Oooh, I remember Marcus! I think ages ago I saw one of her videos but I'm all about bubbly and positive channels, I'll have to add a bunch of her videos to my queue! I've actually never watched Rose & Rosie videos (because I suck) but I've heard so so so many good things about those two, I'm going to have to get my stuff together and binge watch these channels!!

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