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Spicing Up An All Black Ensemble

Raise your hand if you don't like wearing a lot of color! If your hand immediately shot up, hello my soul sister (or brother? I see some fellas on my demographics!). My high school uniform was a black sweater and black skort, so I spent three years wearing head-to-toe black out of necessity and never grew out of it. It became a part of who I was, the visible manifestation of my soul. 

Kidding, kidding. 

I'm a huge proponent of wearing black on black on black on black and so on and so forth. I also went through an emo phase in middle school, so take from that what you will. Now, I know what Anna Wintour says about wearing head to toe black, but it can look incredibly chic in my completely unprofessional opinion. 

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If you break down this outfit, it's really simple. I mean, it's a black fitted turtleneck, a black maxi skirt, and black booties. Okay, and fine, the thick tights because it's winter for crying out loud. I mean, you could totally just sub out the maxi skirt if you really wanted to and pop on a pair of cigarette jeans or trousers. Trousers? Pants. 

I'm partial to making things a little ~ edgier ~ so the ring detail on the boots is a fun little touch. I should clarify that this is probably the edgiest I'd ever get. I mean, I find my leather jacket uncomfortable to wear 95% of the time so you're never going to see me rolling around in that trying to intimidate people with it. Going to have to just stick with my RBF for the time being I guess!

I'm not going to lie here: I pulled my hair back into this bun because my hair was dirty and I was rushing so I didn't have time to style it. I pulled it back into a bun while I was finishing getting ready and actually kind of dug the way it complemented the outfit. A little sleek, very simple, and lets the lipstick and sunglasses do the talking. That's my kind of low-maintenance, lazy day hairstyle!

My patch bag from Zara will always be a favorite of mine to add a little spunk and a tiny hint of color to my looks. It's a simple style but the random comic-esque patches are a nice addition to add something quirky to the look.

Accessories are key when it comes to spicing up an all black look. Whether it's details on your boots or bag, a fun, bold lipstick, or even a pair of reflective sunglasses that contrast your outfit. Also, textures within your outfit! Sure, my turtleneck is really basic and the style of the skirt is, but the pleated just give it a little extra somethin'-somethin' and add some dimension and layers.

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Uniqlo (on sale!!!)
Boots: ASOS (on sale!!!)
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Quay


  1. YES! Love a good all black look - this is a great combo!!

    xx Rebecca // The Crystal Press

    1. All black outfits are just a total staple, so simple yet so chic!

  2. I am always down for an all black look! Love your booties! I think the ring and pearl detail is so chic! I need a pair like these!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Thank you! I love that they look so much like the Dorateymur boots without costing like $500!


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