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Blog Changes in 2018

#NEWYEARNEWME. In all honesty, there really isn't that much changing, but I feel like it's enough to warrant me wanting to talk about it. I ran a few Instagram Stories polls last month to gauge interest in certain aspects of my blog in order to make sure my content is something that people actually want to see. I mean, I'm selfish 94% of the time and post what I want, but generally, I like to have the interest of everyone reading to also enjoy the things that I like writing and producing.

I'm always into the idea of changing around things. I don't know if I've ever had a moment where I think "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'm always pretty keen on trying out new things and making sure that what I'm doing isn't old or stale, ya know? It's my FOMO, guys. I can't be left behind when new things are going on.

Anyways, in reality, my blog changes aren't that deep. I'm still kicking it with five posts a week because I hate myself. Kidding, kidding. This is my only form of entertainment at the moment, I NEED THIS. I'm still going to be talking about fashion, beauty, music, and Niall Horan, no worries there. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean that I've moved on to a new man.

Most notably, 2018 had led to the death of my TGIF Weekly Favorites posts, formerly known as Things I'm Loving Thursday. It's a struggle to find new things that I'm loving every week when all I do is sit around in my pajamas and watch YouTube all day long and occasionally bop to new music. I'm going to try doing them bi-weekly and play around with it as time goes on. Who knows, maybe they'll just turn into monthly videos on YouTube instead.

I guess speaking of, most people voted that they wanted to see video content included in regular blog posts, which would mean either an extra post on Saturdays or just two videos a week instead of one. I haven't decided yet and I guess it depends on how prolific my brain can be during 2018 when it comes to thinking of new and interesting ideas. But also, if you didn't already know, I post videos every single Saturday on my pretty much brand new YouTube channel so...if you want to subscribe and hear me ramble on about things instead of just reading me ramble on about things, by all means, be my guest. For example, it would be something like me including that video in my holiday makeup look post.

The people have spoken and 62% of the peeps who participated in my poll said they preferred "How To" styling posts over straight up "Here's my outfit, hear me roar" kind of things, which is totally chill. I mean, I guess I could put a little more thought into my outfits instead of just throwing them on and calling it a day. I kid, I kid. I've had weird attempts at this in the past and they were probably just poorly executed because the time and thought behind them probably wasn't there, if I'm being completely honest.

Fear not, for I shall put on my creative cap and start thinking a little more deeply on how I choose to style things instead of just looking at some pieces of clothing and deciding that maybe they'll look nice together. But also, let's be real here, there are still going to be "HEY LOOK AT MY OUTFIT" posts because my brain isn't always creative enough for other things. Or perhaps they'll be sprinkled between weirdly personal things that I'm trying to make seem not as deep and personal because HEY LOOK AT MY OUTFIT!

This last one really isn't that important or as big of a change, but I'm trying to get more detailed when it comes to picking out other options for my outfit posts in the widgets beneath the posts. Sometimes I can find exact items, which is chill, and then sometimes I can't because they're old or they're from Zara and I can't link them on Shop Style. It's chill, whatever. Anyways, I was only putting a few options before and realized that it's pretty useless to try to "recreate" an outfit when there's one choice for each piece. So...I started adding arguably a lot of options because I like variety, especially in prices, if I'm being honest. So that's a thing that you can find at the bottom of all of my fashion posts and on my Shop My Instagram tab which actually makes it much easier to link the exact pieces that I'm wearing.

Those are probably the most notable and the first changes that will start happening over on these parts. I mean, knowing me, I'll continue to shake shit up during the year because that's just what I do. I fear commitment so committing to any sort of mold and schedule for myself beyond daily posting is way beyond my abilities.

OKAY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love a good blog revamp! And yeah it can be so draining sometimes to link every single product on!

    1. It's nice to shake it up every once in a while. Linking products is either the bane of my existence or my favorite part of the blog post depending on the day LOL.

  2. I can't wait for the changes - even small ones are nice to shake things up every now and then!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Thank you!!! And I agree, lil changes keep things interesting hehehe.

  3. I peep the Niall mention. And also the (eat) cake for breakfast cup. I see you, Francesca. I see you.

    BUT ANYWAY, bring on the new year! I'm gonna stop being shitty and actually try and keep up with posts, so I cannot wait and see where 2018 takes your blog and your YouTube videos. YOU'RE DOING AMAZING, SWEETIE <3

    1. I throw in Easter eggs when I can.



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